Did you have a new air conditioning system installed in your home a few years ago? If so, you’re not going to need to worry about replacing your AC system anytime soon.

But if your AC is getting to be on the older side, it’s a clear-cut sign that you’ll need to replace it sometime soon. The average AC unit will only last between 12 and 17 years in most cases before a new one will need to be put into its place.

Other signs will let you know you need a new air conditioner, too. Check out five of the most common signs below.

  1. Your AC System Isn’t Cooling Your Home Off Anymore

When you fire up your AC system, it should be capable of cooling your home off within about an hour or two. It shouldn’t have to run non-stop to keep your house cool when it’s hot outside.

If you find that your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home off like it used to, you might need to have it replaced. Your home is going to continue to be warm all the time in the spring, summer, and even fall if you don’t do something about your AC.

  1. It’s in Desperate Need of AC Repair Almost All the Time Now

If you have a split AC system in your home, it’s filled with all kinds of parts that can break down on you. Those parts will need to be replaced at one time or another.

Doing periodic AC repairs isn’t the end of the world. But if you’re doing them all the time now, that could be another indication that you need a new AC system in your home.

  1. It’s Making Strange Sounds and Producing Odd Smells

Does it sound like a band is putting on a live concert every time you start your AC system up? Or does it smell like something is burning every time your AC gets turned on?

These are both potentially bad problems that could cause additional issues down the line if you don’t do something about them. You might be able to get away with making a minor AC repair to get them to go away. But you might also need to replace your AC to avoid more serious problems later on.

  1. It’s Sending Your Energy Bills Soaring

When your AC system is firing on all cylinders, it should keep your energy bills on the lower side. This won’t be the case with an older AC that isn’t efficient at all.

Having work done on your air conditioning by a professional might make it slightly more efficient. But more often than not, replacing your AC will be the only surefire way to increase its efficiency and bring your energy bills back down to earth.

  1. It’s Hurting Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If your AC unit is located behind your home, it won’t have any impact on your curb appeal. But if it’s somewhere on the side of it, the sight of it could drag your curb appeal down and turn it into an eyesore.

Installing a new AC will make your home look more modern. It’ll also look like you take better care of it overall.

See Any of These Signs? Have Your AC System Replaced Today

Don’t ignore any of the signs that you see here. They will show you that you need to have your AC system replaced.

Whether you choose to go with a split system AC or something else the next time around, look for the right AC for your specific home. You can find one that will keep your home so much cooler from now on.

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