Fast growing alternate currency Ethereum (ETH) created a lot of buzz last year.  

Ethereum was launched in 2015 and is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. When you look at ETH to BTC chart, analysts predict that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum will have a hold of 25% each of the total market of cryptocurrency and will reach a total market capitalisation of $4.5 trillion in 2020. How did this massive surge happen?

In 2018, the promising cryptocurrency Ethereum recorded an all-time high of $1349 in January. Compared to Bitcoin and Ripple. Though Ethereum had a slow start, in the beginning, it soon joined the big league of performers last year. If you are looking at investing in Ethereum this year, below are the top trends to watch out for in 2019

High Possibility of Hitting Double Digits

Currently, Ethereum is trading at about $103.  Due to the highly volatile market, the token has dropped nearly 90% of its original value leaving investors sceptical on how to proceed. Since Ethereum had a rough year in 2018, there is an indication that the digital asset could drop to double digits. Competition with other currencies has also not helped it either as per some of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange. However, the future looks hopeful as Ethereum blockchain is one of the most useful in the market and by Q4, analysts have predicted that it will pick up and reach triple digits of approximately $500, leading to big wins for potential investors.

Regulations are Here to Stay

Many international governments are laying down the rules and laws to ensure a dip in insider trading and fraud. Due to the digital nature of the transactions, there was initial risk involved; however, with laws cracking down on markets, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. This has also given rise for fintech to create some of the best Ethereum wallets which carry out transactions in a secure way with real-life applications.

Bitcoin Vs Ethereum

While Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency, in the world of digital currencies, Ethereum has more applications to it. Ethereum is an open platform which is written in turing-complete code language. Because of this, a computer can run any script on top of the program making it extremely versatile. Furthermore, Ethereum records things more quickly than Bitcoin which means that the possibilities are endless. Therefore, more companies are willing to back Ethereum infrastructures. A lot of fortune 500 companies want to work on Ethereum including Intel, JP Morgan and Thomas Reuter to name a few.


Due to the advent of technology and emerging trends in blockchain, AI and machine learning banking and financial organisations are looking at massive investments in digital coin. Ethereum is vastly different compared to other tokens and makes for a good long term bet for investors. Some of the top reasons why Ethereum is preferred is because it provides both a decentralised processing power as well as bandwidth which means that more organisations are likely to adopt the coin.

So if you are looking at investing in cryptocurrency, you can look at Ethereum as an excellent option for 2019 through secure exchange platforms like Coin Switch.

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Everyone agrees that the market for electronic cigarette is growing rapidly facilitated by a combination of forces in the industry as well as innovation and regulation. It seems the e-cig icons of yesterday are vanishing into oblivion due to the factors driving evolution in this market. With most people taking on vaping due to its various benefits to smoking, it has become inherent to address some of the most influential e-cigarette stocks for the New Year 2019. While changes in regulation can affect the certainty of this list due to some flavors being eliminated along the way, the list will give you a brief overview of how the best stocks to buy in 2019.

When it comes to selecting the best oftentimes it boils down to flavor for most vapers. And one of the most pleasant things about vaping is getting to try out all the greatest and latest flavors in the market till you find a flavor that is most suitable for you. But this does not stop you from experimenting on the newer flavors besides your favorite juice brands. Regardless of your unique flavor choice, this collection of favorite e-juice flavors will be sure to satisfy your vaping needs.

G2 Vapor

G2’s vapor launch was more than a premeditated event. The founder claims it happened out of necessity after he had taken so much time trying to search for superior e-liquids. What began as a DIY for personal use occasioned in the creation of two flavors: caRnY4 and G2. The excitement of creating two successful e-cig flavors that were superior to most of the e-liquids he had tried before.

Since that time, G2 has evolved from its humble beginnings to becoming a company that has a wide selection of delicious flavors. The e-liquids of G2 vapor are made from the highest quality of ingredients in the market and perfectly blended. The wide selections of G2 vapor products are pleasant to both novice and veteran vapers.

Mig Vapor

You cannot mention e-cigarettes today without Mig vapor coming into play. This is equally one of the largest e-cig brands you will find in the market today. Those who switched from smoking to vaping must have tasted Mig Vapor. The brand tried a variety of brands in the traditional cigarette brands before switching to making vaping products. Once this shift was made, they never looked back to making standard cigarettes.

The company today boasts of a wide range of e-cig products plus devices like the best batteries in the industry. If you will be looking for the best of ecigs and vapor cigarettes, you can be sure to find them at Mig Cigs. In essence, e-sigarett flavors at Mig Cigs offer a pleasant and realistic alternative to cigarettes. Besides, you can always get the high-end components for ecigs and vapor products.

There are definitely hundreds of flavors you will find in the market all from different brands. A good rule of thumb involves choosing reputable e-cig brands in the market from which to choose your favorite flavors.