Household goods are disposable. You buy goods, use them, then throw them away.  Consumerist adverts tell you to use more and throw away more. Everything is replaceable.  Overconsumption can lead to too much wastage.  

Using products that have a short life span also means that there is too much waste. You might use recycling garbage cans. You might separate your plastics and paper. You might cut up your plastic to protect the fish.  But what more could you do?

Products That Need to Be Reused

Styrofoam is very bad for the environment. It doesn’t biodegrade and hurts the environment during production. It can not be recycled, so you have to reuse it. There are several ways that it can be reused. These products can help the environment and improve your lives. 

On a hot summer day, you need a cooler for your drinks and food. When you send packages in the mail, you need to protect those items from breakage. When you pack your suitcase, you need something light and durable to carry delicate items. Making your own arts and crafts at home with your children is a great way to spend quality family time and save the environment. Styrofoam is a versatile product.

iPods replace CD’s like the CD replaced Vinyl

You might not be old enough to know what vinyl records are, just ask your parents. Before the invention of digital music, CD’s played the tunes that you enjoy listening to. Before CD’s, vinyl records played on record players and gramophones for your parents to enjoy. 

Now the wastage of CDs is affecting the environment. They contain hard plastic. They do not break down. There are many excellent uses of CDs, especially in interior design. CD’s are like mirrors, and cutting them up into small pieces can be an excellent way of decorating your walls. Coasters with a mirrored shine look great in a modern home. They can even look good as reflectors on bicycles. 

There are so many things you can do with them that it’s a real waste throwing them away. Protect the environment we live in and recycle and reuse your old discs.

Plastic In Our Oceans Polluting The World

The definition of reusable items is something that you can use over and over again. Art and Crafts are a great way to reuse products instead of throwing them out. 

Children often like to listen to music through phones. Making speakers out of old plastic bottles can be fun and teach children about how sound travels. Making holes in a plastic bottle and fitting it over a pipe makes an instant shower head. Plastic bottles can even help chefs to separate egg whites from egg yolks. Save the environment and have fun with the many different ways we can reuse bottles.  

Geeky Art Is the New Modern Chic

Encouraging people to learn more about computers in this modern era is essential. You might know how to use your computer, but do you know what is inside? Circuit boards don’t degrade, and they contain conductive metals. They also look pretty. Just imagine a circuit board picture frame. Circuit boards also contain gold. If you learn how to extract gold, it can be a valuable exercise and even go towards your retirement fund.

Always Think Before Throwing Anything Out

Throwing things out when you could recycle is a waste, and this waste affects our planet. This pollution affects where we live and the environment for future generations.  If you can recycle or reuse, do so, and make sure you have some fun doing it at the same time.

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