By now, you’ve most likely heard of mens leggings trending on the Internet. Today, you can shop for leggings for men at basically any gym-clothing store, from nationwide department stores to online-only stylish menswear shops like Differio. Also known as mens compression pants and meggings, leggings for men have become one of the most controversial menswear styles in workout-clothing history.

Despite all the recent hype, mens leggings have actually been around much longer than most people realize. Especially popular among cyclists, runners and weightlifters, professional athletes usually prefer meggings to sweatpants for their lightweight and stretchy design. It’s one of the best gym pants for improving performance because you don’t have all that extra fabric weighing you down while you squat or sprint. In other words, it can feel like you’re wearing virtually nothing. This is why some men get a little weary of trying men’s leggings in the first place.

As practical as they might look, some guys just can’t get around the fact that they feel so exposed in these skintight pants. If you’re one of many men still trying to get a feel for leggings, you’re not alone. There are actually some basic style tips that men of all sizes can follow, so you’ll be getting compliments for your cool outfit choice rather than uncomfortable, five-minute-long stares.

Avoid sweat stains from showing by choosing darker colors.

Unless you only go to the gym to take selfies, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be working up a sweat in mens leggings. Can we all agree that one of the worst gym stains is the dreaded crotch stain? Since your legs are already on display in mens compression pants, these sweat stains can be even more apparent in extra-tight workout pants.

To avoid looking like a sweaty mess, opt for mens fashion leggings in darker colors, like navy and black. You can also try meggings designed with all-over patterns and graphics to distract the eye from concentrated sweat stains.

You should consider your body type before styling male leggings.

Most tips on styling men’s leggings usually advise men to choose gym shirts that are loose and long. Why? Because they assume that most men want to wear shirts that are long enough to hide their figure. Long, loose-fit t-shirts are definitely not a bad choice, but there are also some guys that actually wear leggings for the exact opposite reason: to show off their figure.

If you’re a guy that wants to enhance your figure in meggings:

Your best bet is to go with slim-fit tank tops or t-shirts that hit right around your waist. This way, you can achieve the same body-hugging silhouette you’d get from a men’s bodysuit. If you’re not great at matching colors and patterns, you can always choose a sportswear set that already comes with a matching tank top to pair with your meggings.

If you’re a guy that wants to conceal your figure in meggings:

Not every guy is built with a lean and mean body, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear mens leggings either. You can balance out the look by wearing loose-fit, long t-shirts that fall below your waist. For online shoppers, you should look out for gym t-shirts described as “longline” or “tunic.” You can also go for a loose, relaxed look by layering gym shorts over your leggings.

Don’t neglect your sneakers!

 Some guys are so focused on finding the perfect mens leggings that their gym shoes become an afterthought. However, your sneaker style is just as important! It’s like buying a brand new tuxedo and finishing the look with outdated dress shoes. You’ll only be ruining the look that you put so much effort into perfecting.

So, which men’s athletic shoes look best paired with cool leggings? You can actually wear both low top and high top sneakers with leggings for men. Just avoid pairing mens workout leggings with shoes that you obviously wouldn’t choose for exercising, like oxfords and loafers.

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