Getting admitted to UCLA is no walk in the park. It’s a tough, demanding, and often a grueling journey that needs preparation, a strong commitment, and will-power to pass. However, before you dream of graduating from this prestigious school, you have to pass one vital exam, and that is the admission test given to all aspiring students. 

This shouldn’t be much of a worry, though, because there are institutions that have developed a rigid and structured program to help students pass the stringent requirements for UCLA admission. Below are the things you must achieve to increase your chances of being admitted to this top US university.

Your GPA Speaks Volumes about Your Chances for Admission

UCLA is very particular about an individual’s academic performance such that the university prioritizes students whose GPA falls between 4.16 and 4.31. Straight A students would always have an edge in terms of acceptance or invitation to this prestigious university. The school is known to be very selective and never fails to make your GPA one of its barometers in deciding whether you pass the UCLA admission requirements.

Your SAT/ACT is Greatly Considered 

Aside from satisfying the GPA requirement, you also need to ace your SAT/ACT. Your SAT score should sit between 1360 and 1540. While your ACT score should be anywhere between 31-35. In both instances, the demands of UCLA are above average. This is quite normal, considering that the university is firm when it comes to academics. The graduate school never fails to require students to aim higher and give more than their perceived capabilities.

Craft Your Best Essays to Impress the Board

You may have nailed the UCLA admission requirements for GPA, including your SAT/ACT scores; however, admission to UCLA does not only involve these grades. You also need to prove the Board of Admissions your writing competency by submitting compelling essays. 

The university requires eight application essays covering a range of topics. These pieces aim to test your personality, as well as prove how good you are at written work. Each article would compel you to write about different topics, which would also serve as the evaluator’s guide in deciphering your personality. Your materials are also prerequisites to see whether you are a good fit for the school’s standards.

You Need to Have a Good Backing and Recommendations

If your GPA or any of the SAT/ACT scores do not meet the and you also did poorly in the essay, find a good letter of recommendation. 

This could help support your low scores. 

Nevertheless, it is still strongly recommended that you work on getting an excellent GPA and firm SAT/ACT scores. 

Other factors that create an impact on whether you would have a higher chance of being admitted to the university are your extracurricular activities, coursework difficulty, as well as your statements.

Your future is almost always certain when you are admitted to UCLA. Many students attest to the opportunities in studying at UCLA. The prestige that comes along with a degree would also take a lot of hard work and dedication. 

So if you want to get admitted, better make sure you meet the admission requirements. You can also seek the help of institutions who have already prepared a structured program that could give you an edge over other UCLA aspirants.

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