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Our current climate has affected women disproportionately, both in terms of additional caretaking/household responsibilities and leadership/logistic duties in the workplace.

According to UN woman gender monitor, women are massively impacted when it comes to Labor Market Situation.

In the subject of entrepreneurship, while on paper, things have never looked better for female entrepreneurs, globally women-owned businesses are still in the minority.

Hurdles faced by women who have embraced entrepreneurship are vast and often very different from those experienced by male in the industry.

At the interview with business daily, Sarah penally, CEO of Sarah Theresa communications shared the importance of making authoritative first impressions in order to effectively communicate in a business environment.

When thinking of entrepreneurs, it’s viable to imagine business owners of all types.

One of the definition of an Entrepreneurs that is derived from its original meaning is “anyone who takes a risk with the specific goal.”

In today’s world, more and more people are taking their skills online on the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

How ever despite the emphasis on taking risk it is a fact that only a very minimum amount of support are given for entrepreneurs who are traveling through a tough wether.

When your business is struggling to grow, It may be a sign that it requires you to spend more time in order to realize your true goals. Many women entrepreneurs tend to set their goals too high or almost delude themselves into thinking that the goals that others are aiming for are part of or has to do with their own goals.

If you feel that you are not growing, it may be a good idea to revisit as to see if the goals you are working towards in your business are really “your” goals.

Yuki Sasaki, founder and director of UNIQ&UNIQ Co.Ltd, also a Chief Director of the Foundation for Human Resource Development for International Contributions shares how women entrepreneurs could over come plateau in their entrepreneurial career.

Yuki Sasaki:

Many women start their own business without understanding the concept of “business”. Before you start learning on your own, I recommend that you take a course or get advice from higher operators on what it means to be in a business.

Yuki is known for launching and producing multiple successful businesses that includes  founding of entrepreneur talent agency as well as  Organizing of Miss Mirai Contest, a beauty contest that contributes to the future by discovering people with talent, passion and uniqueness.

In conclusion

It is safe to say that starting a business is almost like taking a dive into the unknown of business development, sales and marketing communication. Anything that you jump into in life, the sooner you can remove your blind fold and face each task, the sooner you get to work on building your path forward.

Especially with the subject of mental health, entrepreneur health, and mental health matter not just to the entrepreneur but to society as a whole.

By strengthening the entrepreneur mental health safety net, we encourage new solution to rise for issues humanity seek to solve.

The strengthening of the entrepreneurs may indeed strengthen the social fabric of our global society.

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