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In the past twelve months, residents of about 14.8 million housing units have reported seeing rodents in their houses.

I am sure you know the feeling of being uneasy when you spot house rodents in your home. Not to add, finding your favorite shirt chewed up by the rodents. It can be frustrating, especially when you have visitors and they start crawling around.

Lucky for you, this article will divulge good practices that will ensure your house is rodent-free during cold seasons. Read along to get insightful pointers on how to keep rats out when the weather turns cool.

Avoid Leaving Food Open

During cold weather, rats go to people’s homes to warm up; the number one factor they consider is food availability. If there is always food on the kitchen counters and breadcrumbs all over, be sure your house will be the first to get invaded. Ensure your kitchen counters and table don’t have any open food or residue.

A good place to start is always to ensure the surfaces under your fridge, cooker, and counter are always clean. More so, don’t overlook the dog or cat food; ensure it’s also sealed.

Seal Holes and Gaps

Many people get intrigued by how they get in; we seem to forget the various holes and gaps in our houses. Do a thorough check for holes and gaps within your house and seal them completely with the right material, such as wood and cement. Don’t underestimate a small hole, or else you’ll get caught by surprise by the number of small rats that’ll invade your home.

Pay attention to detail near the chimney and seal the holes with wire mesh since rodents are good climbers. More so, check water pipes and drainage pipes that leave your home.

Hiding Spaces

Basements and crawl spaces tend to be the best hiding place for rodents since you can miss water and food residues there. The first step is rodent-proofing your house to ensure they don’t have any point of entry.

If you have a hard time locating the entry points, call a professional pest control company to perform an inspection for you. Loves Wildlife Removal and Pest Control provides safe and effective pest control services.

Set Up Baited Traps

Setting up bait traps is always the first thing on the checklist to eradicate rodents in the house. During cool weather, rodents will seek refuge in your home and start searching for food. Place traps near the wall to catch them when roaming the house.

Raise Your Firewood

If you burn firewood during the cold season, ensure your stockpile of wood is elevated from the ground. Firewood is a favorite hideout of rodents.

Learn How to Keep House Rodents Away During Cold Weather

If you suspect any rodent infestation in your house, don’t hesitate to call a professional pest control company. Use the above tips as preventive measures to keep house rodents away during cold seasons.

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