Today’s average family embraces the world of technology with open arms. Moms, dads, and kids alike each own a multitude of devices to make life easier and more entertaining. However, with so many families spending substantial amounts on the latest gadgets, it’s easier than ever for burglars to break into your home and leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket. To ensure the safety of your home, possessions and – most importantly – your family, try out these home security tips that’ll offer you the ultimate peace of mind:

1. Consider Installing a Security System

One of the surest ways to protect your space is with a home security system. In today’s tech-savvy world, advanced home security systems offer a host of benefits that go beyond simply locking everything up. In addition to protecting your valuables, a modern home security system:

  • Deters crime
  • Gives you remote access to your home
  • Lowers your homeowner’s insurance premium
  • Sends notices of fire or gas problems while you’re away
  • Lets you keep an eye on the kids
  • Improves electricity management

Having to replace your devices and prized possessions because someone broke in and stole them would be financially and emotionally devastating. By adding an advanced home security system, you gain an extra layer of defense against intruders and make life a little more convenient for yourself, too.

2. Make It Difficult for Intruders to Hide

One of the main things intruders count on in their attempt to get inside your home is the opportunity to conceal themselves. You can make this difficult for them by ensuring there are no trees or dense shrubs planted close to windows and doors, in turn removing a potential thief’s most obvious hiding place.

Furthermore, install motion-sensor lights around the exterior of your home. These will help to alert you to the presence of an intruder and deter them from making any further moves.

3. Stay Modest

You work hard to have nice things, but it’s a good idea to avoid flaunting your flashy possessions. If you own an expensive car, keep it parked in the garage when you’re not using it. If you have a lot of valuable belongings inside your home, keep your shades pulled, especially at night. Lastly, if you buy a high-end item like a flat-screen TV, demolish and hide the box when you put it out for the weekly garbage pickup.

4. Don’t Broadcast the Brand of Security System You Have

Many homeowners who have security systems installed often place a “Protected by XYZ” sticker in the front window of their home to announce the fact that their home is secured. Unfortunately, knowing the brand name of your security system is often enough information for a savvy burglar to figure out how to disarm it. If you do mount a security system sticker in your front window, opt for a generic one that doesn’t reveal your system’s brand name.

5. Get a Dog

You may not be a dog person, but the bark of a dog can be a very powerful deterrent for many would-be burglars. This doesn’t just apply to larger breeds like German Shepherds, either: the yip-yap of a small dog can be just as effective in making a thief think twice about breaking into your home.

Experiencing a home break-in can be a devastating event that’s difficult to recover from. The threat of burglary remains ever-present in today’s world, so use the tips above to protect you and your family before you’re forced to come up against it firsthand.


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