Speaking about yourself, say in an interview can prove challenging. What about having to write it down, as in a personal statement. For one, you want to stand out but at the same time, have to watch out so that you don’t appear boastful.

Well, that’s the dilemma one has to face and may lead to the search for help with personal statement. The keyword is in the “personal”. Therefore, no two content should be the same.

If you don’t know where to start or how; this article is for you. Read on!

Pro Tips for Writing Personal Statement

  1. Understand the Requirements

An expert personal statement writer knows that it is crucial to abide by the requirements of a given personal statement. It could be in the form of responding to a particular set of questions, word limit, or specified length of the page. Purpose to stick to it.

It demonstrates that you can follow instructions.

  1. Be Passionate about what you are writing

Yes, it shows in the essay. Also, it makes the process easy and the writing genuine. Brainstorm topic ideas that intrigue you.

Pick one that excites you, and write about it. People experience moments of growth, strength, difficulty, and confidence in different ways. Describe these in your essay.

  1. Introduce Yourself

Remember, the reader doesn’t know who you are. You have to help them with this. Explain why you want to apply for this program or position. It could be in writing a diversity statement.

Start with a strong opening. It helps you grab the attention of the reader and fast. Use examples to demonstrate that you are the right candidate.

  1. Organize your Thoughts

An outline will guide you on what to include or eliminate in the personal statement. It also allows the essay to flow smoothly and keeps your thoughts organized. With an outline, you will be able to gauge what you want to say.

In that, you will consider the requirements of the essay and keep track of the remaining space. Keep in mind that, for your story to be memorable, you have to be specific enough. Refrain from rambling on a topic, for too long.

Make your Writing Count

  1. Engage the Reader

When you start the essay with a good hook, it will grab the attention of the reader. Use a story to demonstrate your suitability. That means, your writing should be like telling a story.

Avoid using repetition. It may cause the reader to lose steam, along the way. In turn, you fail to make the impact you would like. Be specific in the details you give; it will keep one reading.

  1. Show Don’t Tell

It adds to the credibility of your statements. Give appropriate examples that demonstrate your qualities and strengths. Present yourself in a positive light.

Research if you need to. Only include information that’s relevant to the given question.

  1. Seek Feedback

Read through the finished draft and identify any areas of concern. If possible, as a trusted individual to read it over, too. Listen to their feedback.

There may be areas that you need to flesh out or delete entirely. In the end, it’s up to you to choose whether to act as recommended or not.

A winning Personal Statement

It is one that has no Grammar or Spelling errors. Ensure that you abide by the set rules. Proofread the copy before you submit it. Set aside enough time for editing. The last-minute rush can be frustrating.

Finally, make every word count by being specific enough, and relevant.

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