Nowadays, it has become a common phenomenon where the use of Spy Apps has increased in home and offices. Parents generally use it to monitor their children and same with employers with employees. This is the next advanced generation of surveillance software which can be easily used by anyone.

What are Spy Apps?

Spy Applications are software that can be used to monitor, track and extract someone’s cellphone information.These applications maintain a database in which all the record of outgoing and incoming calls are maintained. It also tracks your location, browsing history and all sent and received messages from Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp and many more social sites. These apps also help in case of emergency when your phone is stolen or broken and you want a backup of the data. Advancement of these technologies has been both “Boon” and “Curse” for People.

Technical Spy App Information – Spy App installation is very easy and takes only a few minutes.The processes is very simple and you need to allow for the permissions. For Android and iPhone different steps are there as follows –

Android installation process – For Android Devices, First of all, you need to have access to the target device you want to spy on. Then go to settings and there enable the “Download from Unknown Sources” because these apps are not available in Google Play Store. After this, follow these Simple Steps to install the app on the target device. Paste the URL of the site from where you have to download. After opening it Click on the Download Icon and Install, it. After installing it click on ‘’open’’ and ‘’activate’’. Enter the software license key and phone number of the target device. Close the Android Window and you are done. Don’t forget to hide it. You can start monitoring.

iPhone installation Process – For the iPhone spy apps users, it depends upon whether you purchase jailbreak version or No jailbreak Version. The No Jailbreak version is highly preferred by the consumer because you need not install that on the Target Device. But in Jailbreak version, you need the target device to install the software. To install you need to log on to your spy Software Account. Enter the details of a target device such as Apple ID and password & request the Data Download.

The Spy Apps are very famous among users because of the target audience will not able to detect them and especially it is very useful for monitoring the children. These monitoring applications can be used to track the devices across the globe. There are no locations restrictions in it. Some of the best spy apps are –

XNSPY – This spy app comes with a combination of advanced spying and monitoring features.This app is updated everytime whenever any new featured is developed in the smartphone and this is the reason why it is No.1.

TrackMyFone – This app also provides great features and being 2 is not only because of these features but also for user-friendly and assistance team available at your service.

MobiStealth – This app also comes with a broad range of spying features. It is available in three different packages from basic to advanced monitoring features.

iSpyoo – This app is meant for checking your employees, protect your family and ofcourse from a cheating partner.

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