The world’s first personal computer came out in 1971. It was the small equipment that looked insignificant that changed our life. Since it was invented, the importance of computers has increased day by day. Nowadays, computers have become an essential part of life. Its importance will become more and more obvious.

In the past 50 years, personal computers have undergone earth-shaking changes. From bulky to light and thin, the performance has changed. It plays an important role. In the late 1980s, the first laptop was born in Compaq’s hands. It opens a new curtain. Over the past 30 years, technicians have developed and improved various performance levels of laptops. They have pursued the characteristics of being lighter and easier to carry. The results are remarkable. At present, the laptops on the market are everywhere. They can meet the needs of work and study.

With the development of laptops, they cannot achieve the coexistence of ultra-thin and high performance. The different pursuits have led to the development types in the market being divided into game type and office light type.
The game type pursues high performance, extreme screen and excellent heat dissipation function. But it is heavy in weight. On the contrary, the light and thin type has a weight that is easy to carry. It cannot achieve high performance release at the same time. In addition, the price of game laptops is higher than that of light and thin laptops.

We take the same brand products with high cost performance in their respective fields as examples. The HONOR HUNTER V700 is a cost-effective laptop in the ranks of game laptops. It has i7-1075H processor and RTX2060 high-end graphics card. It has no pressure on the operation of large games. It has a screen refresh rate of 144Hz and a high color gamut of 100% RGB. The visual experience is first-class. However, high configuration and high performance equipment will make the price not low. In contrast, MagicBook 14 price is satisfactory. The 14-inch size is equipped with AMD Ryzen 4000 series mobile processors. They ensure the smoothness of the machine. They are sufficient to be used in various office and study places. The weight of 1.38 kg  makes it the first choice for business travel. Excellent screen percentage data gives excellent visual effects.
The above is the comparison of the two different types of laptops. It is not difficult to see that when purchasing, one should consider according to one’s own required performance and budget. There is no pursuit for large-scale games and so on. It is possible to purchase light and thin office types that can meet daily needs. Only with the right choice can we have a perfect experience.


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