İcmeler, the calm sweet town with beach on one side, surrounded by the green pine forests. It is the perfect combination of lovely turquoise coloured water and peaceful greenery. Each year thousands of tourists flock in this small town to quench their thirst of natural beauty. İcmeler looks a lot like Marmaris; the only thing that differentiates it is the calmness.

The town might seem quiet and beautiful, but it is guaranteed that your vacation days here would be fun and colourful. This blog will discuss the fun and enlightening things that you can do during your stay in İcmeler.

Cruise through the Bay:

As a town adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, İcmeler is a perfect spot for you to boat and cruise. Having fun times in the sea is the first thing that many tourists opt to do in İcmeler.

Many organizations organizeall-inclusive boat trips in İcmeler. A cosy vehicle will pick you up right from your hotel, and take to your ship. The ship hovers in the clam and peaceful water of surrounding bays, the ride will revitalize your mind from anxiety and stress. Everyone should take this all-inclusive boat trip at the beginning of their time in İcmeler, to gain an insight into the surrounding bay and allure.

Pass a blissful time in the beach:

İcmeler is famous for its beautiful white beach. Lying in the white sand with clear blue water in your sight will give you the best feeling in the world. Besides, there are various local restaurants by the side of the beach that will give you a taste of exquisite Turkish cuisine.

Soft sun, peaceful sight, and tasteful food; what else can beat this astounding combination?

Engage in Water Sports:

İcmeler was once a sleepy fishing town, yet with the passage of time, it grew up to be one of the most exciting places to visit in Turkey. It is one of the most renowned spots, for various water sports activities. So, while you are in İcmeler you must try some activities like Scuba Diving, Banana Boats, Para Gliding, Rafting, etc.

Amongst these water sports, scuba diving needs special mention. The world under the clear blue water is absolutely mesmerising. You will be astonishedby the diversity of marine life, once you dive in the waters of İcmeler.

Visit Rhodes Island:

Since you are on a fun trip. Visiting another country will spice up the tour to a next level. From İcmeler you will get that opportunity very easily. The Ancient Greek Island-city of Rhodes is just 50 minutes away from İcmeler. The journey is straight forward, and smooth through the Mediterranean.

In 2400-year-old Rhodes, you will be walking through the witness of the unending history of human civilization. This World Heritage site was once home to the Colossus of Rhodes, and a colossal statue of the Greek God Helios greeted the entry to the port. Just like the scene of entering Bravos in R.R Martin’s Game of Thrones.

This City is also known as “The City of Knights”, and you will be able to experience some of the marvellous infrastructures like The Saint Pauls Church, The temple of Aphrodite, etc. This is a perfect one-day tour from İcmeler, where you will have fun, knowledge, and an opportunity to visit another country at the same time.

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Have some fun with Safaris:

İcmeler is a place with diversified terrain. Here you will find, green forest, muddy area, and blissful beach with a perfect sprinkle of the Turkish culture. This makes İcmeler a perfect place for a fun ride and a wild safari.

You will be able to have this fun in Jeep, Horse or Quad Bike. While the Jeep and Quad safaris are really fun and adventurous activity. The Horse safari is the best option, who wants to enjoy the rich natural beauty of İcmeler in solitude. It is the best way, to know the surrounding area of this great place.

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Visit the Akyaka town:

Akyaka is another coastal town. It is a colourful and calm town quiet town just like İcmeler. The journey to this town through the Azmak River in a traditional boat is one of the most elegant experiences that you will ever have. The river is having clear water, with beautiful flora and fauna all around it. The journey in a word it very charming and relaxing one. On the way to Akyaka, you can also take a short break in the Persian town of Idyma and look at the rock tombs of the ancient past.

Once you visit Akyaka, you will love the sight across the neighbourhood. Besides, this town also has a beach, and you can spend your time relaxing there.


İcmeler may be a calm and quiet locality, but the opportunity of having some thrill, and fun is abundant here. Apart from the most popular listed fun activities above, you can also go for Fishing, Take a Turkish bath, visit the local markets and villages, and have fun in your own way. In a word, İcmeler will never disappoint you, and it is indeed a great place to visit.

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