Cyclists sometimes face the dilemma of feeling sore in between their thighs no matter how short the ride is. Others tend to blame it on the sensitivity of the intimate area, but it runs the risk of overlooking one crucial factor. Bike seats or saddles carry the most weight, determine the body’s position while on the bike, and regulate the comfort of the whole ride.

Unfortunately, bicycles already come with bike seats. Here are some tips on choosing the most comfortable bike seat for your body structure.

Experts determined that comfortable bike seats are made depending on the purpose of a ride. As cyclers have a purpose as to why they use bikes, it is vital to know the category of riding. 

Some of the most common ones are:

Finding the Right Fit

Men and women have different builds. Ladies usually have fuller hips and can sit on full comfortable bike seat. Gentlemen, on the other hand, need extra padding to protect their intimate area. Nevertheless, it is still essential to determine what type of ride is on the way.

Also, measuring the distance between the sit bones can help determine what bike seat is needed more natural and faster.

Checking Physical Flexibility

Stand flat on the ground and try to reach out as far as possible towards the toes. If there is a struggle, then there may be a flexibility issue. Hence, there is a high tendency to feel stiff and move a lot while riding. Rounded bike seats may provide a more comfortable ride for non-flexible people.

For those who do not struggle with reaching the toes, it means flexibility is not an issue. It may be easier to find a comfortable position on a bike. Flat saddles provide freedom of movement. Meanwhile, people who are very flexible and can reach their toes easily can ride with curved seats.

Riding Positions

People have varying levels of comfort. It does not depend on the bike seats alone, but the posture of the rider as well. Some rides well in an upright position, others prefer biking when crouched a little forward towards the handlebar, or even in a slightly hovered manner.

Long rides, can lead to numbness or long-term saddle pains. A reliable and durable bike seat can ease off some pressure of one’s pelvis. Choose one that fits the needs and can be a cushion to ward off possible problems in the future.

Once the perfect bike seat is found, set its height to the ideal level where riders can feel comfortable, at ease, and without the feeling of numbness.

Look for a Reliable Brand

The bones one sits on are quite delicate. A sudden, strong impact can break it easily. It can result in mobility issues or can cause a person to become paralyzed for life. Hence, find a bike seat from a company that has a good reputation when it comes to bike accessories. Opt for reliable brands that can provide a durable and comfortable seat.

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