People in the United States spend nearly 3 days each year searching for lost items.

A lack of organization and space can cause items to go missing. When these items go missing, more money is spent and stress levels can go up.

If you are sick of searching endlessly for items, that you thought were put in a safe place, you can take advantage of your storage space.

Continue reading to discover some of the best small closet storage ideas that will make you more organized!

  1. Layer Hangers

If you are looking for small closet storage ideas for clothing, you should consider layering up your hangers!

You can layer hanger with plastic tabs or you can even use tabs from a soda can. Layering your hangers can make it easier to find clothes and you can combine entire outfits together.

This doubles your closet space and can open up room for other items. Be sure to buy strong hangers for heavier articles of clothing.

  1. Use Your Doors

Many people don’t consider storing items on their doors, but they are wasting a lot of helpful space.

By installing a gift bags organizer on the inside of the door, you can keep wrapping supplies nearby or whatever else you want to use it for. You can also hang plastic covers with little sleeves to store small items.

Just keep in mind that the door shouldn’t be slammed and you must leave enough room for the door to close.

  1. Stagger Racks

There are many different types of clothing racks that you can get for a closet to increase storage space.

By staggering them over each other you can hang more items. This is especially useful for children’s clothes because they aren’t long enough to touch the ground. You should save a spot in the closet for longer items like dresses and winter coats.

  1. Organize Shoes

Depending on the types of shoes that you have, you can organize them in a variety of ways.

Many people purchase shoe racks that have a couple of shelves. These are ideal for tennis shoes, sandals, and flats. If you have a lot of boots or heels in your closet, you can build cubbies that are tall enough for them. Some women even hang their heels on a wall-shelf, separate from other shoes.

  1. Add Lights

Many closets, especially smaller ones, are poorly lit or don’t have any lights at all.

By installing LED string lights or battery operated lights, you can see what you are doing and find your items. This is perfect for closets in basements or where there is little sunlight.

Make sure that whatever lights you install are safe and away from any hazards that could cause a fire.

Have You Tried These Small Closet Storage Ideas?

Apartments, condos, and smaller homes typically don’t provide much storage space, making it easy to have clutter.

By utilizing these small closet storage ideas, you can double the size of your space and become more organized than you’ve ever been. To fully take advantage of your space, you should be using the backs of doors and layering up hangers.

Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to organizing your home. There are many organizational tips that can be used for various products.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about improving storage space and how you can update your home!

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