Having trouble sleeping? It could be your bedroom.

Our bedrooms are where we go to escape the world every night. So, if your bedroom doesn’t look or feel relaxing, it could have an adverse effect on how well you sleep.

Here are five simple bedroom decorating ideas to help you transform your sleep-space into a personal oasis.

  1. Stenciled Statement

Adding a single statement wall is an easy way to transform the look of an entire room. And, when it comes to creating statement walls, it’s hard to beat the detail and coloring you can get with wallpaper.

That said, no matter what kind you get, wallpaper is going to wind up costing you more than you want to spend.

Fortunately, if you’re willing to spend a little extra time and effort, there’s a much cheaper alternative that will give you all of the stunning detail that can come with wallpaper at a fraction of the cost.

Stencils allow you to create whatever pattern you want in any color you like. So, you can create a truly unique statement wall that will transform your bedroom into a personal oasis.

  1. Lovely Lighting

While you probably spend more time in your bedroom with the lights off, the right lighting can completely change the overall feel of your bedroom.

Swapping out your generic overhead lights for unique lighting options like LED strips, hanging bulbs, wall pack lights, and even Christmas lights can alter the balance and feel of your bedroom, taking it from a bland room to a cozy getaway.

  1. Gorgeous Galleries

Bare walls can make a bedroom feel sparse and cold. But, rather than spend an entire paycheck on cheesy wall art everyone has, you can dress up your space with a unique gallery of personal photos, tchotchkes, and other meaningful, memory packed items.

Start by gathering a few meaningful items you would like to display in your bedroom. If you have a few knickknacks you can’t quite “hang,” adding a few shelves will help add depth and diversity to your finished product.

Remember to plan out your gallery before you start hanging things so you can make sure your final product will be balanced once it’s on the wall.

  1. Noteworthy Nightstands

While more minimalist looks are completely ditching the classic nightstand, these helpful little side tables play a key role in bedroom decor. But whoever said you need to use a boring old table as your nightstand?

Scrap your old nightstand and completely change the lo0ok of your room by using unique replacements like milk crates or even stacks of books instead. Changing your nightstands may not seem like a massive change, but it can add a bit of personality, and even extra storage, to your space.

  1. Larger Linens

Say goodbye to neat and proper comforters. Your bedroom should be a comfortable, cozy retreat you can escape to at the end of every day. And nothing says cozy quite like oversized linins.

While bedding sets can be a bit on the pricier side, changing out your bedclothes is an instant way to fully redo the look of your bedroom.

Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas

You don’t need to spend a fortune to remake your bedroom.

By trying one of these bedroom decorating ideas you’ll be able to transform your bedroom into a cozy escape.

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