Nothing beats staying in a 5* hotel. From the plump cushions to the divine scents that follow you around the room, but with everything that’s taken place this year it’s become a luxury we haven’t been able to take advantage of.

That doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t still enjoy those luxury moments from the comfort of your own home. By adding a few simple decorative touches to the bedroom, you can capture a luxurious feel, creating a space you can use to wind down, relax and take some quality time for yourself.

Soothing Sheets

From the moment your head hits the pillow you want to feel like you’re being transported to a whole new world. The comfort of your bedding is key to creating a luxury hotel feel, so it’s beneficial to invest in the best quality bedding for your bedroom. Freshly pressed, cosy sheets are the key to success when it comes to luxury, as well as providing you with the perfect bed to sink into and escape for a little while. You often find that a well presented, structured bed creates a stunning focal point within the bedroom, which is certainly the case for a 5* hotel bedroom, so take some time to find the perfect sheets, scatter cushions and throw to perfectly complement the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

Chic Touches

One very simple yet affective way of bringing some luxury to the bedroom is through subtle, chic touches. With the right material and finish, such as silver plated or brushed metal, you can add character to the bedroom and enhance the overall décor.

By simply changing the door handles, light switches or even the curtain poles, you are able to introduce an elegant touch, which will bring a luxurious feel to the whole space. You can find a range of beautiful hardware pieces here, along with different finishes and materials to find the right match for your bedroom style.

The Right Colours

Choosing the right colour palette for the bedroom can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to create a warm, relaxing feel with a luxurious touch.

There are lots of colours that work perfectly for creating a calm, relaxing space but when it comes to luxury, you want to look at introducing golds, creams, greys and silvers to the space. These colours can be used for the paint on the walls, bedding, curtains and much more.

The main focus is to keep a consistent, clear colour scheme running throughout the bedroom, to ensure the atmosphere is as welcoming and soothing as possible.

Calming Scents

If there’s one thing that oozes luxury, it’s a beautifully scented candle or diffuser. There’s nothing as calming as the serene scents that you find in luxurious hotel bedrooms, so you want to invest in some quality candles to fill your bedroom with as much fragrance as possible.

With companies such as Neom offering a huge selection of scented candles, room diffusers and sprays, you can find the perfect scent for your needs. Whether you’re looking for calming scents with lavender, motivating scents or even de-stressing scents, there’s something to tick very box.

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