Hospital beds whether for home or facility use offer a great way of ensuring that your loved one has the comfort and safety they need as they recover from injury, surgery, or convalesce. However, medical beds are available in different configurations. They also come in different features intended to cater for different individual needs. When it comes to determining whether you should rent or buy a medical bed, there are important things to look at.

Duration of Use 

A patient who had undergone hip joint or some form of abdominal surgery and they are recovering at home or in hospital, they may only need a medical bed for a short duration, let’s say a month or two depending on their response to the surgical procedure. If a patient has a health condition that seems to be progressing or their mobility has severely been impaired, they may need to have a medical bed for a longer period. You need to think of how long a patient will need the bed and make your choice appropriately. You can buy if the individual has to use it for a longer period.

Does It Meet Your Needs? 

Sometimes, you are not sure if the medical bed meets the patients needs and probably want to try it first. Renting an adjustable medical bed may be the right option because it will give you time to find out whether you or a loved one is comfortable using it. Most mobility companies will offer different selections of medical beds for hire at different prices.  The few months you will be using the bed allows you decide whether or not it is the right fit for your needs.  After that you can make your decision to purchase it or opt for another one with different features.

 Resale Value of the Hospital Bed 

You may make a hasty decision to rent a hospital because you think that your patient or you will only be using the bed for short duration. However, what you may not realize is that even when it is used for a short period, there may be an option to sale it later. Consider the value of the bed and how the re-sale process works. If you find that it is difficult to re-sell it, and you are only using it for a limited time, consider renting it. For long term and the possibility of a re-sale, you can think in the lines of buying.  You can look for the value of resold medical beds on eBay listing to see how much they fetch.  

Frequency of Repair and Servicing 

If you are buying a hospital bed, you will meet the cost of repair and maintenance. However, when you rent it, the company that is renting it to you may take charge of the repair and maintenance. You need to look at the service schedule and see if you will have to make repairs any time soon. Take for example, a manual medical bed will rarely require maintenance, however, an electric one that has motors and electrical components may need frequent servicing and repairs.

Again, look at this situation, if there will be maintenance needed for the hospital bed, how inconveniencing is it going to be for the disabled or elderly person? If the company offers on-site servicing, that may sound better than having to ferry the bed to the service location for repair.  Otherwise, if repair and servicing are a problem to you or the user think of renting than buying.

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