Works out-of-box or DIY sex machine?

To try out different things, DIY machines can be customized and changed according to the requirement. But it is the other way for out-of-box. It is limited to their options, which also depends on the type of machine. If someone is looking to work more on sex, they have to get a machine with good options to make easy usage and exclude time in troubleshooting it.

Material quality

Everything that matters in sex machines is quality. A person spending hundreds of dollars on a sex machine will want good pleasure and want it to be durable and work for a long time. 

A non-porous material like a medical-grade silicone machine can be used for penetrating because it helps in having clean and healthy sex and keeps you free from any kinds of infections while having fun.

Types of sex machines

There are many High-tech and old-school machines available in the market. Some machines use software that can be controlled using a wireless remote or even connected to VR(virtual reality).


This is one of the essential features to be considered while buying a sex machine. The whole concept of this type of machine is to experience hands-free penetration, which can be controlled. Few machines come with steady speed. The speed can vary from 1 to 250 or thrusts per minute.

The machines with good quality perform at high speed. It is not so easy for beginners to get comfortable with the machine for the very first time. So, it becomes essential to choose a slow start machine, which would be an excellent choice for beginners.

Want add-ons in the future?

Additional attachments are available for most of the sex machines. But for some machines, they won’t be coming along, so the additional attachments required can be purchased in one single package later. These attachments should depend on what kind of experience and pleasure a person is looking for while using them. One can change the attachments as time passes according to a variety of experiences and fantasies.

Perfect size attachments

Using a sex machine is a whole different experience when compared to traditional sex toys in the market. Both sex machines and sex toys have a lot in common. Few of them vibrate, throb and some are automatic because of sensors present in them; they all have different working mechanisms. The sex machines are versatile because they can attach more than one accessory to gain different pleasures. A sex doll can also be attached to some machines out there for a realistic experience. But not all sex machines can fit all kinds of sex dolls or accessories aptly. For example, saddle machines are not suitable for double penetration, dildos or double-sided dildos. Some monster dildo toys and anal beads are not suitable either. So these accessories should be used carefully with the machines that go well with them.

Space available

While buying a sex machine, price is essential, but there is another crucial aspect: space. They are unique compared to sex dolls. They occupy a lot of space. For example, like sex dolls, the machines can not be stored in a drawer. So, while purchasing sex-machine, one should always have an idea about where to place them. Sex machines are commonly stored in a closet or a storage unit.

Thrusting Depth

The thrusting depth goes hand in hand with the speed. Many machines have a range from 1 to 5/10 inches of thrusting. Starting shallow is the best option. Good quality machines have different levels of speed and good depth of thrust. Speed and depth are the features that should be given utmost importance while choosing a machine because they have to be controlled using the knobs or the remote. There are chances of the speed and depth to change accidentally, and that is painful. So it is suggested to choose a machine carefully.

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