On thinking of online marketing and SEO, no doubt that keyword research is the most important and valuable activity in search marketing. Not just in SEO, but keywords are essential in every aspect of online marketing now as we can see how efficiently the hashtags on Instagram works and also how the e-commerce search system works.

Ranking at best for the right keywords can give you a real break in the online space irrespective of the size of your business. By researching on your niche market to identify the keyword demand, you can not only know which terms and long-tail phrases to target for SEO, but also can learn about the customer behavior as a whole.

Keyword research tools

The core objective of keyword research is not only to get more visitors to your website, but also to identify the right kind of visitors to get real conversions. This due diligence in keywords research can help you in predicting the shifts in market demands and respond to the changing market situations instantly to reap the first-to-market advantage.

In fact, keyword research can do manually, but considering the pace of market shifts and the need for quick changes regarding search marketing, manual research may not be competent enough to keep you up with the pace. Here comes the relevance of appropriate research tools like Jungle Scout VS keyword inspector, which will help the marketers to conduct volume research in minimal time and come up with the best keywords to promote.

Assessing the value of a keyword

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How much worth will a keyword be to your website regarding promotions? This is another confusing question to the marketers once if they come across a bunch of relevant keywords based on the research. If you own an e-commerce store, then the confusion is whether you make more sales out of those who search for “brown shoes” or “brown boots”?

Here also, a keyword research tool will help you to find this information based on the stats. Even though the tools cannot show you how valuable it is to receive traffic regarding each of your product listed but can surely give you a better understanding of how to strategize your keyword-centric promotional campaigns. In a broader sense, to understand the value of the keywords, we should first understand the website and test some hypotheses to come to a perfect conclusion.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are found very effective now regarding search marketing, but to get the right combinations and alternate key phrases are essential. A good keyword research tool will be your best companion regarding doing in-depth research on long-tail keywords too to ensure the best results.

To understand which all keywords to target, it is vital that you should not only know the demand of the give key terms or phrase but also to accomplish the work needed to achieve a high ranking based on the keywords. If there are already big brands which are always on the top 10 positions and you just start with it out in the web, the battle may take a long time for you to climb uphill and succeed.

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