Most of the associations and organizations try to depend on the active members in order to remain dynamic and vibrant. To keep those members engaged all the time, the best option is to arrange a vote. The voting process helps them to convey their own opinions.

Online voting- Is it beneficial to you?

Voting is, however, no more a paper-based process. Online voting has replaced this conventional method. The revolutionary technologies, applied in the online voting process, have really simplified everything. As the internet-enabled devices are now common to most of the voters, online voting gives them convenience. With simple clicks, they can cast their vote online. The digital voting preserves resources with the reduced use of papers. In the past, everything, needed to vote, includes envelopes, flyers and paper ballots. Now, electronic system has eliminated these elements.

Moreover, online voting saves the money, invested for election. You don’t have to invest on the postage, paper and printing process. Thus, those, who have tight budget, can rely on this digital voting. Apart from it, your staffs can save their valuable time as they don’t have to manually collect the ballots for these online voting systems.

Another positive aspect of online voting technology is that you will get the most accurate and fastest result. In case of this voting process, you cannot find a chance of invalid votes, rejection or mismarking. The automatic calculation of the result makes everything easier. You have no hassle of going through the tabulation process manually. The computer-assisted tabulation helps the vote managers in announcing the results very fast.

Although these are advantageous features of digital voting system, there are several limitations in this modern technology. While we speak of online voting, we find two major options- computer-assisted and human-assisted.

Human-assisted technology for voting

You may have taken part as one of the contestants in the digital voting contests. However, there are several obstacles in winning the contest easily. The potential factor, causing this issue, is the manipulation. These online voting contests are not arranged deliberately, and that’s why they are controllable easily. Anyone can hack the technology. Thus, it is not always true that the contest winner has got the maximum number of online votes. Those, who have some technological knowledge and skills, can try to manipulate the final result simply by casting several votes. In most cases, there is a promotional goal behind organizing the votes.

You can find several service providers, who are ready to work on the final outcomes of the internet voting system. You may have heard about online votes, arranged at various sites, like Facebook, Strawpoll and Polldaddy. These service providers will you to obtain a vast number of votes. They also do it in a special way that prevents anyone to find the fake votes. For instance, in any contest, majority of the contestants get 100 to 200 votes every day. However, while you have got over 500 votes, there is a chance of disqualification.

There are 3 major techniques through which you will be to gain human assisted vote. While you have relatives and friends, you may ask them for voting. In this case, you will have average 800 to 900 votes. You may also hire online vote sellers, who enable you to have almost 100000 votes in the chosen contest.

The professional coders are also available to you. Most of the digital voting technologies are easy to hack. When any one of the contestants has got several votes, everything appears to be suspicious.

All the other contestants can complain against these suspected cheating. Thus, you have to remember this fact while trying to get vote in your favor.


Computer assisted voting and the use of scripts

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Now, let’s talk about the computer-enabled voting. Lots of programmers use their skills to develop special applications. These applications are designed to transform simple computer system to a robot. These technologies are based on the clicks or strokes of keyboard. You can find the result, while the hotspot protection and deactivated cookies gets collaborated. AutoHotkey is one of the software systems, working in this way.

You know that email ID verification is one of the common steps in the online contest. However, in most of these contests, you cannot find much stronger security.

The hackers always try to find out the weakness in the overall system. Computer macros, a type of programs, are the major tools, created by software development professionals. We have already said that these programs are associated with the strokes and clicks within a definite time.

You can call this computer-based voting as the scripted voting. It is very easy to compose the scripts. From the typeless and loosely typed syntax, the programmer finds high versatility. The dynamic or active type gives benefits to the scripting languages. These types are assessed after implementing the instructions.

The programmers write very limited number of lines to apply the algorithms. Scripting language is good to make a complement of standard language. C++ is one of those languages, which can result in a good performance. Scripts help with the easy modification. Thus, there is no need to compile the codes several times.

The most important advantage is that the scripts are loadable at runtime with no different step for compilation. This scripting setting is everything about memory, in which the essential variables are present all the time. While this setting gets integrated with an application, we call it as embedding.

Thus, you’ve now got an idea on how the online voting technology continues its work. You may try out different tricks to get better output from the chosen online contest. While you have good luck, you will be able to become the winner. Lots of professionals have researched on the digital voting setup of various systems. They have found out those tricks to enable the contestants in getting best result. Thus, you can track the online votes consistently with the application of various technologies. Try to obtain more votes using those technologies.

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