“Cleanliness is next to godliness”, and that’s applicable for the carpets at your home too. Keeping your rugs clean has its own advantages and benefits. Today, homeowners with carpet or rug flooring face the issue of rapid accumulation of dust and dirt. This is why we have brought the topic into your consideration. Here, we discuss the importance of rug cleaning and what should be a comprehensive checklist to consider for the overall cleaning procedure.

This time we got in touch with one of the industry experts – rug cleaning Glen Iris, based in Melbourne, and asked them to give tips and recommendations on what a homeowner should consider in their checklist for rug cleaning at home. Their response helped us to shape a concrete solution to your checklist requirement. So, let’s start.

1. Looking for Specialist

If you want to DIY rug cleaning, you need to understand a few things. The task may sound simple but needs a professional touch. For instance, you won’t be able to get rid of blood stains from your carpet or rug with simple cleaning methods. This is where the services from a local rug cleaning become necessary.

It’s advisable to clean the house as much as possible and leave the challenging task of removing rigid and fractious mould, dust, dirt, debris, and stains to the professionals. A specialist will detect your flooring type, choose the perfect equipment and implement the correct technique to restore your rug’s glory within hours.

2. Scheduling Rug Cleaning in a Dry Weekend

When considering rug cleaning at home, try to schedule it for the weekend with a clear sky and signs of rain. That’s because you and your family members may have to go in and out of the house during the rug cleaning process. Also, you won’t have any workload to interrupt you between the process.

Your weekend time will be more than sufficient to get done with your rug cleaning. If you work alongside the family members, the cleaning task will become simpler and achievable within a day. However, scheduling the weekend for a professional rug cleaning service can help you finish the work within a couple of hours. So, in both ways, it’s a win-win.

3. Removing Junk, Breakables, and Small Items

Before the professionals come to your doorstep, you must take a look at all your rooms and quickly pick up any junk, breakables, or small items. You can move the magazine racks, toys, and other small items from the rooms. Professional rug cleaners stay conscious and careful for your belongings’ safety and avoid mishaps. But, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, if you feel that your room has some fragile items, then remove them before your scheduled rug cleaning.

4. Keeping the Pet Secured in Another Room

Today, most cleaning agents are non-toxic and safe for pets in the house. Moreover, professional rug cleaning services always use safe, reliable, and non-toxic cleaning agents. But it’s unwise to ignore the fact that pets like dogs and cats can get in the way of the cleaning process. They may step into the rug, and it may need cleaning all over again. So, it’s advisable to keep your pets secured in some other room where there’s no rug for cleaning.

5. Moving all Heavy Furniture

It’s imperative to know that any professional rug cleaning service won’t move or shift all your items in the room. They can help you with smaller items or lightweight furniture, but moving heavy furniture will need extra money. So, you can either choose to pay the additional cost for moving your heavy furniture or do it on your own.

Tip: You can ask your family members or friends to help move such oversized items from the room. Also, move them somewhere closer so that relocating becomes easier.

6. Cleaning Equipment

Before starting the DIY rug cleaning procedure, you must get all the cleansing agents, tools and equipment. You will need to get buckets, mops, rubbish bags, brushes, brooms, and a vacuum cleaner. You can cover the immovable furniture with some old sheets.

However, if you contact a rug cleaning company for professional service, you won’t have to worry about all this. In that case, make sure that the professional uses advanced cleaning equipment, EPA-certified cleansing agents, and safe machines.

7. Testing the Rug for Colour Fastness

  • You must look for the hidden spots on your rug, which may be hidden under heavy furniture.
  • Then, go for vacuuming the spot.
  • Use a stain remover or cleansing agent to moist a piece of fabric.
  • Lay and leave the cloth on the carpet for an hour.
  • Mark the dampened area with a clean towel.
  • Check whether the clean towel soaked or absorbed any carpet dye or not. If not, the cleaner is suitable for use.

Now, if you’ve hired professionals, check whether they perform colour fastness testing on your rug or not. If not, confront them about it.

8. Working on One Room at a Time

Whether you have opted for DIY rug cleaning or hired a professional for it, make sure to work on one room at a time. It’s best to start with a big room with rug flooring by vacuuming all the way down from the ceiling. Then, close the windows and doors to let the dust settle down. Finally, clean the walls brush the furniture and walls. This way, you ensure no dust or debris is left even after the rug cleaning procedure.

9. Cleaning Procedure

  • Check whether the professionals are doing proper inspection and analysis of the rug or not.
  • Your professional should perform duster and vibration dirt removal.
  • Make sure that your rug is pre-sprayed by using a biodegradable cleaning solution.
  • Check whether the carpet is rotary agitated with shampoo or not.
  • Rinsing, drying, and dehumidifying are crucial steps for rug cleaning. Make sure it’s done correctly.
  • For the hot water extraction method, ensure the carpet is steam cleaned.

10. After-Solutions

After the rug-cleaning procedure, make sure the carpet is dry. Also, open all windows and doors and use an oscillating fan to accelerate the drying time.


It’s crucial to understand that DIY rug cleaning cannot replace a professional rug cleaning service. The professional cleaners have the expertise, equipment, and required skills to efficiently ensure maximum cleanliness on the deepest stain spots. So, to do rug cleaning at home, getting in touch with a professional carpet cleaner is the best solution.

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