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If you want to live for 100 years or beyond, leading a healthy lifestyle is essential. However, it will also depend on your genes if you want to live for that long but little changes in your lifestyle can surely enhance your life expectancy. 

According to a new study by New England Centenarian it is found that protective genes play a significant role in this. In the study it is analyzed and deciphered the whole genetic codes of a man as well as a woman who lived for more than 114 years. They found that:

  • The DNA seemed to be very similar to those people who died young or did not live that long
  • The gene variants were about the same in number 
  • These gene variants are linked much similarly to the increased disease risks as it is seen in people from the general populace whose genomes were sequenced and 
  • There are more than 50 probable variants in their genes that are associated with longevity and a few of these were unexpected and were never seen before.

Analyzing these findings the researchers hypothesized that these protective genes that are linked with a long life might somehow offset the genes linked with different diseases. This in turn allows a prolonged lifespan. You can read these results and know much more about their study in the journal Frontiers in Genetics.

Taking control early

In order to become a centenarian or a super centenarian, you will need to control things right from the very beginning, before things go out of control. In order to do so successfully, you will need to know few other facts as well. 

  • According to reports, at the beginning of the 20th century, the life expectancy at birth on an average in the United States was just below 50 years. 
  • However, today the average life span of a newborn is estimated to reach 80 years. 

This is a giant leap forward due to the improved medical conditions but that has very little or nothing to do with protective genes, genes codes or genes variant. In fact, the experts think that this is the result of the significant advances in public health and the increased awareness in people regarding healthy lifestyles.

It is also seen that genes comparatively have a very small influence in longevity during the first 75 years of the lifespan. That means you will only have 20% to 25% of chance to make it to that age. However, this chance can be lower if:

  • You continue smoking
  • Do not eat healthy and balanced food
  • Do not exercise regularly and adequately and 
  • Do not limit your alcohol consumption.

When you reach the age 80 year mark, your genes will matter more and more and when you reach or cross 90 years it all depends on the fate!

Things to do

There is no need have your DNA sequenced in order to determine the type of genes you carry. It will not change anything especially those things that you need to do now. It is only you who have the power to change any or many things in your lifestyle that will affect your life, keep it healthy and in turn influence your life expectancy.

It is actually a 10-step process that will enable you to be healthiest and live the longest life possible. The steps include:

  • Not smoking 
  • Being physically active
  • Eating a healthy diet rich in lean protein, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits with healthier mono and polyunsaturated fats with no unhealthy saturated or Trans fats
  • Making sure that you take enough calcium and vitamin D
  • Maintain a healthy body shape and weight
  • Challenging your mental strength
  • Building and maintaining a strong social network
  • Protecting your sight and hearing following preventive care procedures 
  • Flossing, brushing, and seeing a dentist regularly and 
  • Discussing issues with your doctor without any delay. 

All these steps will ensure that you know exactly the right time to take medicine and the type of medicine to take to stay healthy. It will enable you to take control of your high blood pressure, low cholesterol, treat osteoporosis, and good oral health. You will also have proper nutrition that will reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Therefore, make sure that you make the most of your lifetime and create a more comprehensive health, wellness, and planning guide. This guide should include everything from your eating, sleeping, working, exercising and even your doctor visits plans just like a dress or a bra size chart that contains beginners, average, small, heavy and biggest bra size.

Tips to live better and longer 

If you want to live better and longer, you should not wait till the time you attain that ‘Senior citizen’ status. You should follow all the steps right from an early stage to see the golden years of seniority fully and shining brightly. 

  • You will need to be practical and realistic and keep in touch with your family physician, even if you are not seriously ill. You will get proper guidance and support to protect yourself from any diseases in your coming years so that your dream of attaining a full and most rewarding seniority is crushed mercilessly.
  • The key factor is to stay healthy by following the latest findings about the lifestyle choices that includes preventive screenings. This will have a positive and measurable contribution to your life, its quality, its span as well as your future health.
  • Simple lifetime changes will not require much of your sweat or sacrifice but just a proper planning to banish boredom from your monotonous life adding spice to it. You will find newer and better ways to challenge your mind and memory. This will strengthen your mind contributing to the resiliency and agility.

Therefore, make sure that you consult with an expert life coach and your doctor as well to gain a greater insight about the targeted strategies for lifestyle changes that will help you to make more informed and educated decisions, whether it is for your health or for your health insurance. 

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