When it comes to quad bikes and ATVs, you know that they take a lot of abuse through the days, weeks and years. As strong as they are, with regular use, the wear and tear will eventually catch up. So when do you know if your ATV or quad bike needs to be replaced? Over the time you have had your quad bike it will surely gain sentimental value. All those memories and unforgettable days you’ve spent with it add up. Hard as it may be to say goodbye, the day will surely come when it’s time to invest in a new ATV.

Safety Always Wins

In any aspect of life it is incredibly important to stay safe. When it comes to outdoor activities this is absolutely paramount. As you and your quad bike race through the years, it will undoubtedly take some damage. The key is in recognising when you have taken your ATV just a little bit too far. There comes a time when a vehicle is simply better used as a source of parts. When that day has come, hard as it is, you will need to retire your quad bike and decide which ATV you want to bring into the family. Why risk you or your family’s safety by pushing your quad bike too far?

The Law And Road Legal Quad Bikes

When it comes to the law, you never want to be on the wrong side of it. Just like any vehicle, your quad bike needs to be up to the requisite safety standards in order to remain registered in the United Kingdom. After years of use there may be certain issues that prevent you from keeping your quad road legal. If it simply isn’t insurable you will not be able to get your new registration.

Attend To Parts & Motor Issues Before They Happen Or Get Worse

Ensure that your quad is in great shape each time you use it. You may have to change some parts of it to optimise safety and performance, and you can easily get quality ones such as Yamaha quad parts UK shops are selling.

If you’re out there riding your quad bike and you start to notice a rattling sound when you accelerate, this is really not a good sign. This is usually the result of extensive use with low or old oil, which in turn affects the lifters in your engine. It even has a nickname, the “Death Rattle”. One of the ways this can happen is if there is an unnoticed oil leak, which is all too easy if your ATV is in everyday use and/or parked on dark coloured dirt.

If your quad bike is having trouble starting, or dies when you come to a stop, this is just one sign that you may want to invest in a new quad bike sooner rather than later. Other issues such as a bent frame from an accident can and most likely will lead to an engine issue due to a problem with the motor mount.

If you and your quad are in an accident, make sure to have a professional check the frame. If your frame is bent, it’s probably time to retire the bike, use it for parts and purchase a new machine.

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