Saint Kitts and Nevis were the first among the Caribbean countries to launch Citizenship by investment program to attract investors since 1984! This indicates the great interest in the investment sector within the Caribbean countries and the development of Citizenship by Investment Programs for these countries to suit the investor requirements and to provide a suitable living environment for investors and immigrants! It is worth mentioning that through this article we will talk about the five Caribbean countries that have citizenship by investment program through investing in real estate, which leads to citizenship.

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Saint Lucia
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis

Why invest in the Caribbean?

  • Fast Citizenship processing

Caribbean countries are distinguished by their Citizenship by investment program that they are granted to the applicant for immigration through citizenship investment immediately! This means that the investor will not have difficulties with the procedures of temporary residence or even permanent residence, which will end the migration journey in most countries often without obtaining the nationality of the state.

  • Dual Nationality

This is one of the most important reasons for getting a Caribbean nationality since you will not have to give up your country’s passport to acquire the nationality of that country; this means that you will be able to enjoy the features of your country’s original passport, which you have chosen to migrate to.

  • 150 destinations around the world with a visa-free entry

This is a real advantage when you get a Caribbean passport. You will be able to travel anytime you want to different countries around the world without having to apply for a visa, including the Schengen countries, The United Kingdom, Singapore, China, and other countries. This list of destinations varies from country to country.

  • The low cost of Citizenship by Investment Programs

Where you can invest real estate at a very low cost starting from US $ 250,000! Can you imagine that you can get a second passport and enjoy accommodation and additional privileged rights by investing in a  property for a minimum value of $ 250,000?! Prices vary from one Caribbean country to another, and the investment may cost US $ 400,000 in Saint Kitts and Nevis! If you compare it with the prices of immigration programs in other countries, you will notice that it is a very modest amount, especially since it gives you the country’s characteristics and its nationality.

How to Apply for Citizenship by Investment Easily?

You can do this easily with Reach Immigration! By submitting your application on our website, and then an expert from Reach Immigration will receive your request and communicate with you to schedule an interview and explain all the details and privileges available for Citizenship by investment programs.

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

Through the links listed below, you will be able to see all the details of  to the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs. Each country has its own program, but they have similar privileges mentioned at the beginning of the article:

  1. Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program
  2. Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program
  3. Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program
  4. St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program
  5. Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

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