Doctors recommend people to take at least 8 gallons of water in a day. Drinking clean water helps the body carry out its basic functions. Therefore, you should adopt methods of filtering water for drinking and cooking.

Using a fridge water filter is not just for drinking water but is also supposed to be used for cooking. When you don’t use filtered water for cooking, you’re ingesting contaminants present in water and making way for diseases and illnesses. When installing a fridge water filter, remember to install filters on other faucets in the kitchen so that you use clean water for cooking and drinking. With that said, here are more reasons as to why you should filter water.

Why You Should Filter Water

Bottled water isn’t necessarily safe

While most brands would claim that their bottled water is pure, they’re not necessarily put through all the stages of purification. Of course, you’ll find written claims that the water contains all the minerals, but most of the information on the label isn’t true and is misleading. Besides, plastic bottles end up in oceans, rivers, and drainage system, blocking and polluting them.

Tap water isn’t safe

There are over three hundred chemicals that dissolve in the water as it moves from the source to your house. Also, the pipes carrying water might be corrosively releasing chemicals into the water.

The truth is, with constant campaigns against the use of lead pipes, you might have replaced the lead pipes within your property. However, you can’t be sure about the pipes running outside your property.

If your community has had water since you moved in, it means water pipes were installed before you moved in. So, ensure you use a fridge water filter. Also, consider filtering other water outlets too. Ensure the filter is EPA and FDA certified before buying.

Filtering your water means you know what you’re drinking

Bottled water is quite expensive. If you rely on bottled water, you end up spending way too much. However, if you filter your water, you’ll have enough to drink and use. If budget is a limitation for you, buy an affordable fridge water filter, install it, and enjoy safe water.

You can filter your whole water system later when you have the finances, but you should know water filters aren’t expensive.

Filtered water is sweet

When water passes through the filtration process, all the contaminants are absorbed by the carbon in the filter. The water tastes way better than distilled water. If you’ve been having trouble enjoying the water because of the taste, you can install a fridge water filter.

Filtered water is healthy

You and your family should consume clean water. Children need to develop a robust immune system, and for the same, they should consume clean water. Also, during their growing stage, contaminated water can undermine their development.

Take Away

Drinking contaminated water doesn’t show adverse side effects immediately. Unfortunately, the chemicals that are consumed build up in the system and cause numerous health problems. This is why, make sure you have clean, filtered water.

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