When you think of performance based entertainment, films and concerts are the first things that pop into your mind. Theatre, cast in the shadow of modern technological innovations that bring forth 3D movies, concerts with holographic stars, and even online streaming, often takes a backseat to the different forms of entertainment available today. However, this should not be the case as theatre can be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. Here are some reasons why more people need to turn to theatre for entertainment:

1.      Live performances

Nothing can compare witness the raw emotion of an actor on a stage before you, certainly not watching the same on film! Of course, we are not saying that film and cinematic acting is without its merits. However, as a member of the audience, you are more likely to connect with actors on a stage, empathise with a character’s emotion, and truly enjoy an experience that is so immersive and unique in its delivery. Watching a play, or a live performance, can impact you like no other performances can.

2.      Sharper instincts

Watching live performances actually contributes to literacy, as well as cultivating sharper instincts. Unlike many mainstream films, theatre is based on nuances and deciphering the same. It requires sharp attention and focus, and language skills that can allow individuals to untangle what is being said and what is expected by characters. Truly, watching a theatre performance is like reading a book in terms of the analytical abilities required. Through this, theatre contributes to the overall literacy in the area where it is established. Not only audience members, but also staff members benefit from theatre performances.

3.      Human connections

Most theatre devotes itself to understanding human experiences and emotions. It can allow you to connect with characters and learn more about yourself in the process of doing so. In this regards, theatre helps promote self-knowledge and empowerment, along with creative expression. This art form is one that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. In fact, many people make theatre visits family traditions.

4.      Learning experience

Theatre generally acts as a great learning tool. No matter what the topic at hand is, it can be delivered with ease through the medium of theatre, in a manner that all audiences can understand what is going on. Whether a play is tackling historical subjects, or a performance is looking at the pertinent social issues of the era, audience members stand to benefit a lot through this learning experience. As theatre often functions as a space that holds a mirror up to the audience and society in general, it is a great tool for spreading social change as well.

There are many reasons why you should begin visiting theatres and indulging in live performances. At Hopewell Theatre, we encourage you to get out of the rut of generic entertainment and follow an art form that truly will speak to who you are.

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