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Selling a house, if you are not a real-estate agent, can be as intimidating as buying a house for the first time. This is the reason the most conventional way to sell a house is hiring a realtor or the real-estate agent. There’s no harm in hiring an agent except for the fact that you’ll lose a hefty portion of your equity in the form of commission to the agent. I’m sure you’ll like to save that portion of your money if you can. And, yes you can save the agent’s commission with a little technical know-how.

So, let us take you to the procedure of selling a house on your own.

Decide the asking price for your property – Before you start advertising or list your home for sale you need to decide an asking price. Rate your house rationally rather than emotionally. Wear your buyer’s hat and look for the cost of similar properties in your area and rate your house accordingly. The price you decide from a buyer’s perspective will surely attract other buyers.

Know the selling points of your house – Again look from the buyer’s angle and search for the best features of your house. Do you have extra large windows? Is your home airy and lighted? Whatever feature you think can attract buyers highlight them while advertising or clicking photos of the property. Check other advertisements to figure out what features do realtors highlight about their client’s property.

Market your property – Once you have decided your asking price and know the best features of your house you can start marketing it. The most traditional way is to list your house on multiple listing services. But, if you don’t want to waste more time in juggling multiple buyers and negotiations you can directly contact a local agency that buys old houses in your area. These guys buy homes in the Dallas area for example. You can sell them your house fast for cash.

Prepare your house for luring prospective buyers – You need to deep-clean your house before showcasing it to anyone or you might lose in negotiation. You’ll need to vacuum-clean every corner of the house, scrub the tiles and counter-top and get done some pest and rodent control. And, yes don’t forget to remove the personal belongings that mess with the beauty of the house. If the wallpapers are sticking out or the paint is very old get them done on time.

Do the negotiation like a pro – Whoever you are selling your house don’t make yourself a weak negotiator. Even if you are under a gun to sell your house don’t let the buyer know this. Negotiate enthusiastically as if selling homes is your business. The last thing you’ll want your buyer to know about your financial strength and weaknesses.

While going through the above-mentioned stages don’t forget to keep yourself educated about the laws related to property dealings. Some laws are universal while there are some that vary from area to area. Google can be very helpful for this.

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