Many drivers, especially those who like to drive a little fast, wonder if a radar detector is worth the investment. We believe that if a radar can spot police officers and save you money, the answer to your question is quite simple.

The amount of a ticket by for speeding usually depends on how fast you were going. Of course, the faster you go, the more points the ticket will carry and the higher the fines will be. A speeding ticket can easily cost you over $1000 in the long run, between the fine for the ticket, getting points reduced in court, and a rising insurance premium.

A radar detector can save you all that headache. Sure, it won’t save you 100% of the time, but it can greatly reduce your chances of getting caught.

Radar Detectors Myths

There are some myths when it comes to radar detectors that we want to clear up. Knowing the truth about these common misconceptions will help you understand if you should buy a radar.

  1. Several individuals think that having a radar is illegal, but that’s far from the truth. No, you will not get a fine, and radars are legal anywhere (as far as we know). Only a few towns in the US don’t allow radars, but most cities don’t enforce it.
  2. Radar detector are the same as jammers. People often get this wrong. Radar detectors simply look out for cop cars. Radar jammers pretty disable a police radar. For that obvious reason, jammers are illegal, but radars aren’t.
  3. Radar detectors don’t work in bad weather. This is obviously not true. Without today’s technology, radars work whether it’s raining or snowing. Therefore, they’ll always work.

When Do Radar Detectors Fail to Work?

When police officers use their famous tricks. Police cars have a radar detector in the front and back of their car. They can turn it on at any moment, not allowing your radar enough time to detect their signal. Also, if a police car is parked out of sight, your radar might not pick up their signal as well.

Are Radar Detectors Really Worth Buying?

We believe the answer is yes. Radar detectors are not really all that expensive. In the early 2000’s, radar detectors were just hitting the scene and they used to cost upwards of $800 for a good device. Nowadays, you can pick up an excellent detector for less than $500. For example, the Valentine One Radar is right around the $500 mark, and it’s one of the best radar detectors on the market.

When shopping for a radar detector, we suggest doing your homework. Definitely research the top models online, and only once you find all the features you are looking for, should you make a purchase.

Always stick to a reputable brand. We love Escort, Whistler, and Beltronics. Make sure your radar pick has ample coverage and range. Pay attention to additional features such as Strobe Alert and TotalShield, which are among the latest technology in radars.

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