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Often referred to as e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have liquid filled cartridges to aid the process of harmless smoking. These battery-powered devices have to be heated to a specific temperature before they start emitting an inhalable mist.

The e-cigarettes from different manufacturers are available in a vast range of flavors to appeal to different types of customers looking for varied tastes as per their individual preferences.

Different flavors of liquids on sale

Some of the most popular and noteworthy flavors that make it to the list of regular e-cigarette consumers are menthol, tobacco, and exotic flavors like vanilla, mint, chocolate, etc. There are some liquids that are flavored to taste like fresh fruits too. While there are many flavors that are absolutely free from nicotine, it is common to find some e- cigarette liquids with varying percentages of nicotine to enable the process of quitting.

Is an  electronic cigarette safe?

As per users and supporters of electronic cigarettes, the act of replacing the regular cigarettes with these helpful aids is a much better means of getting the harmless dosage of nicotine. It is a proven fact that the smoke emitted by combustible cigarettes comprises of  over 4000 chemicals, most of which are harmful and may lead to irreversible health issues. For instance, they are known to contain 60 carcinogens that may be life-threatening if consumed beyond the advisable limits.

In contrast, as per proponents of e-cigarettes, the vapor emitted by the same are comparatively less harmful and boast of fewer toxins. More so, the second-hand smoke emitted by these devices, which is likely to harm non-smokers and smokers with equal intensity, is considered to be negligible and hence safer,  says a spokesperson who works with CBD Vape Pen at macbd.

Are e-cigarettes good for smokers looking to quit?

Vape juice also known as ejuice – comes in a range of ever-changing forms. From the high VG cloud friendly, to the salt nicotine most suited for recent converts from smoking. With regards to the concern of whether electronic cigarettes are really helpful in aiding the quitting process, there are certain research reports that suggest that these devices are equally effective as the more conventional NRT products. In addition, there is no dearth of anecdotal reports of users that state how regular usage of e-cigarettes helped in moving people away from smoke and quitting altogether (eventually).

Even for those who are still finding it difficult to move away from smoking completely, regular use of e-cigarettes is going a long way in giving up regular cigarettes partially. Along with perceived health improvements, the usage of nicotine free liquids in electronic cigarettes is bringing about drastic changes in the lifestyle of their users.

So, if you have been looking for an effective way out, linger no longer and invest in Ziip pods for juul to take care of your smoking woes; right away. You will not be disappointed with the results.

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