For years, fragrances have been sold to the market in two categories – for men and women. Consumers would often see black or blue bottles that scream “This is masculine! This is only for men”. Fragrances that are intended for women, meanwhile, use floral and pink packaging. The idea that fragrances should have a strict gender line is completely archaic thinking. This is similar to the notion that blue is for boys while pink is for girls. 

In the Western world, it is believed that men should wear clean, strong, or woody scents while women should wear floral, fruity, or sweet scents. While this makes it easier for brands to market their products, it’s a flawed way of thinking which no longer fits with today’s modern times. In a society that pushes and fights for equality, the notion that fragrances should follow a strict gender line should be stopped.  

In Selecting Perfumes, Preference is Subjective

The thought that men and women should prefer certain fragrances and stick to that certain choice is not based on biology. Preference is subjective, and biology does not play a role or dictate which smells nice on a person. The problem of gendering fragrances is also affected by cultural factors. 

Compared to the Western world, the consumers of the Middle Eastern market have a different preference when it comes to fragrances. Typically in western culture, only men can be seen wearing fragrances that are strong, spicy, and powerful. But in the Middle East, both men and women enjoy these fragrances.

In addition to that, the male population can also be observed wearing floral scents such as jasmine and rose. While these are seen as feminine fragrances by men in western culture, the Middle Eastern men don’t regard it as such. And obviously, enjoying such experience is not bound to any gender.     

Pushing Gender-Neutral Fragrances

Pushing for a gender-neutral fragrance has been a work in progress for several years now, and efforts are coming into fruition. Millennials and Gen Z consumers are now gearing towards non-gendered fragrances than those geared towards their gender. Several brands, like Creed Cologne, have concocted formulations that are considered universal. 

These products can be enjoyed and used by everyone. They appeal to both males and females. One such product is the Virgin Island Water of Creed Cologne which offers a fresh and warm fragrance that complements both men and women.  It gives off a feeling of a tropical paradise. It’s like experiencing the splendor of the sea while on a sailing adventure.   

Brands should change the way they market their products. They should steer away from making their consumers feel like they only have limited options. They should push harder in marketing products as genderless. The less society sees one thing as limited to a certain niche, the more it will be embraced and welcomed by everyone. 


Each consumer has a specific unique scent that they prefer. Whether it is a woodsy, floral, or clean scent, all should be considered universal and genderless. 

The message that universal and genderless fragrances portray is clear. As long as a person likes it, then they can surely wear it. With a society that is becoming more acceptable and open-minded, shopping needs and preferences are continuously changing. 

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