Emma and Brett had been dating for almost three years when they decided to go on a vacation together. They had been talking about doing something special as a couple and traveling seemed like a good way to celebrate three years of being together. After discussing options of where to go, they decided to visit the Philippines and the capital city of Manila. Both being adventurous spirits, they wanted somewhere exotic and new for a complete change of scenery from where they lived in the Midwest of the United States.

They had been talking of getting married, but still hadn’t made any set engagement plans. Brett had the idea though that this would be the perfect opportunity to propose to Emma in an extra special and meaningful way. He hired a photographer from Localgrapher who could meet them in Manila to do a surprise photo shoot of the proposal and engagement

Just stepping out of the airport in Manila, the couple could feel the special exotic energy of the city. Tired from the long trip, they found their hotel so they could rest and begin exploring the following day.

First stop on the travel itinerary was Intramuros, the historic area of the city. They enjoyed walking around and seeing the colonial architecture that defined the area, and when they got tired, they continued their tour on a horse-drawn carriage. It was a perfect romantic moment for the couple and made Brett more eager for the next day when he had arranged to meet their personal photographer for the day.

Brett thought that the Manila Baywalk area would be the perfect place for the proposal and photo shoot in Manila. They spent the day visiting some of the museums around the city, such as the Ayala Museum with numerous artifacts from the Filipino people and information about the history of the islands. Brett then suggested that they go have dinner and watch the sunset at the Baywalk.

After a meal at a local restaurant, they began to walk along the shoreline, all the while Brett watching for where the photographer was waiting for them. When they arrived at the spot, Brett suggested they pause to watch the sunset. At the indication that the photographer was ready, Brett carefully got down on one knee and presented Emma with the engagement ring he had picked out before the trip.

Just as planned, the photographer was able to capture the exact moment and look of surprise and delight on Emma’s face. The natural joy and celebration shared by the couple was all caught in photos by the photographer. After Emma was able to calm down again, Brett revealed the photographer to her and explained how he had hired the photographer to make sure they had the moment caught on camera. Emma was delighted and asked if it would be possible to take a few more posed photographs using the beautiful evening scenery of Manila.

What Emma thought would be just a vacation turned into so much more. The rest of their days traveling together in Manila were even more special and celebratory now that the couple were engaged. Emma was delighted by the surprise, and happy that Brett had thought ahead to book a photographer. Now she would be able to look back on the images to better remember the exact moment and be able to share the photos with friends and family to tell them the special story of their engagement.

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