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Public Liability Insurance – an Introduction:

Public Liability Insurance is a cover that provides safety to you in circumstances wherein a person files an injury claim against your manufactured product as the root cause. This form of insurance is a great help to protect you from paying compensation for injury to third parties. It even covers damages to their property and simultaneously covers the cost of your legal fees to defend a claim against you.

Additionally, this insurance safeguards you in case a customer or a prospect unintentionally damages your property unknowingly. You can cover the costs involved in the repair, saving your business, and covers your expenses. In most of the companies where manual work is required, there are chances of personal injury as well as property damage incidents, where public liability plays a vital role in enduring your financial hardship.

If by any chance, you are found guilty of their injury or damage due to your negligence, then you need to bear the cost of repair or spend on their medical expenses. Such conditions can devastate a person, but public liability claims cover the compensation without hampering daily life.

Process of Public Liability Insurance Claim:

There are some simple steps to take for the process of claiming liability insurance claim –

  1. You need to lodge for a claim form at trade risk and then submit the claim to the insurer.
  2. You will need to specify all the information regarding exactly what happened and the type of damage under claims.
  3. In serious matters, you can even appoint an advocate to make the case in your favor.
  4. Later the decision of the claim is always in the hands of the insurance company.

Public Liability Compensation in Australia:

In today’s fast-paced world, every business depends on public liability insurance to hand out compensation because one could suffer from an accident or injury. The business owner is held liable for expenses as the premises are within their care, and they are responsible if anything happens on their watch.

In Australia, public liability insurance covers third-party injuries only, not employees. By taking guidance from lawyers such as Law Advice Solicitors, you will get the best outcome as they are specialized in this industry and can help to find you the cover that is going to suit you and your business.

Category of Public Liability Claim:

  1. Claims of small value: Covers situations of walkways, faulty potholes, inadvertent falling of things at construction sites.
  2. Claims of large value: Includes if a person gets injured due to debris on the construction site.

Types of Public Liability Claims:

There are different types of claims available in Public Liability insurance which are as below –

  1. General tenant insurance covers cases where a tenant is injured, or a customer is injured on an escalator, etc.
  2. Product liability insurance covers damages caused by goods or in situations where products arrive in a damaged state.
  3. Another cover of Defective quality liability protects every business or company where an injury or damage is caused by their products or from manufacturing defects.
  4. Even there is Contractors liability cover that protects against damages and injuries resulting from construction work.
  5. Lastly, there is a Professional indemnity claim that protects professionals from injury to third parties due to wrong advice or treatment.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

  • Medical expenses owing to negligence leading to product defects
  • Loss of earning ability due to loss of body parts
  • Legal fees to compensate third-party expenses
  • General damages, inclusive of pain and suffering
  • Support loss, in case of a fatality
  • Damage expenses caused to private property
  • Legal fees and costs associated claim defense made against you, irrespective of whether you are at fault.

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