The way the web operates is something that not many people stop to think about. The issue with that is the risk of identity theft and security breaches that usually come with it. If you are using a proxy server at your office or one of those people who always use one kind of server or another, then you need to know about this.

A web proxy site is basically a site that allows you to hide your IP address from the sites that you visit. Since they are more or less like search engines, they are very easy to access. When you use these sites, the websites that you visit will not able to see your exact location because they make it look like you are accessing them from somewhere else. They, therefore, act a shield between you and the sites that you visit. When you are viewing a website through these sites, they see that a specific IP is viewing their sites, but the address is not yours because of all the traffic between the web server and your computer is first passed through the proxy server.

One of the best examples of these sites is the CroxyProxy Site. As one of the most advanced sites, this site supports any kind of site including videos, social networks, web hosting, email services, and much more. With this site, you can browse your favorite sites such as Google, Gmail, Facebook, and also have your YouTube Unblocked using an encrypted connection. It’s, therefore, a reliable and free proxy site that ensures your privacy is being protected. is an anonymous and free web proxy website, which is fast, secure, reliable. This online proxy application can be used to circumvent existing web filters in your school, workplace, or country where Internet censorship is imposed by your Internet Service Provider. With the help of this proxy, many popular sites such as YouTube can be unblocked.

Why you should use a web proxy

Just like other websites, web proxies are very useful for several reasons. However, you should also know when not to use one. Most people tend to use them to ensure that their web searches are private from their service providers, from the websites that they are visiting and from the agencies that might be following their habits. For instance, if you suspect that someone might follow your activities, you may opt to use them to protect your private information from their hands.

More so, if you were banned from a particular website for whatever reason and you want to get access, you can also use them. Similarly, if the website is banned in your country, you may use these sites to access it. In case the website is trying to block your way, you may also choose to use them to access the websites. However, before getting deeply into using them, you must research well. The last thing you want is to put your faith into something that may end up exposing some of your most delicate information.

Final words                                                                                                     

That is all about web proxies. The good thing is that they are easily found. In fact, a random search will provide you with a dozen with each one of them functioning basically in the same way. It’s, therefore, upon you to choose what works for you.

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