The world has become smaller and closely more knitted than ever thanks to the upcoming of new technologies almost every day. Innovations are being made regularly to improve the way businesses are managed and customers are lured.

The development of mobile devices, ​CRM systems​, big data, and cloud computing have also played a key role in making our world more digital. The result, the print is not dead, it’s going digital. If you are curious to know the role of print marketing in a digital world then have a look below to know how this role is expanding day by day.

Direct Mail is Still Quite Popular

Believe it or not, opting for methods like printing and sending it via targeted direct mail is still a good business promotion idea because nearly 80 percent of customers agree that they will act on direct mail as compared to 45 percent who said that they will deal with email straightaway.

Printing is Done in Every Department

It is a fact that printing is done for every department’s needs in a company be it HR or sales. But most companies don’t set a specific budget for printing as the printing costs are included in the department’s budget only. When asked directly many business owners fail to come up with a number of amount that is spent on printing every month or year.

On-Demand Printing is on the Rise

Thanks to the recent developments in technology, it has become very easy to access on-demand printing services by a company. Just in time deliveries are also on a rise and many companies prefer to opt for such services if it is planning a sales event in just a few days. On-demand printing and just in time deliveries have helped organizations save time and get quality results instantly.

The Role of Cloud Technology

The acceptance and popularity of cloud technology have enabled businesses, especially global firms to print locally with ease. There are many cloud-based platforms that allow a global business to connect with different print houses spread across the world and ensure that each of the printing firms the exact same design and style. Printing locally where various branches of an organization are located has also helped companies save time and costs.

In the past, the global firms had to go through a lot of pain and trouble to ensure that physical marketing materials distributed in various countries were exactly the same but with technology, the same design can be shared with different printing companies to ensure that there is no difference in printing design of a subsidiary located in Canada and the other one located in Africa.


In essence, it can be said that digital developments are not only making printing easier, they are also increasing printing efficiency and accuracy more than ever before. Technological advancements have also been beneficial for printing firms because printing has become more transparent, quick and flawless with time.

What’s even more exciting is that print marketing in the digital world has become more innovative than ever and the ​government is even promoting creativity and innovation in a digital economy​. With this boost, every company will consider including a smart print marketing strategy in its business plans soon enough.

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