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Choosing the best HVAC contractor before inviting them into your home requires some research beforehand. Since HVAC systems are complicated, expensive and require high levels of skill with electricity and gas, you’ll want to find one who has the ability to do the job for a fair price and with utmost safety.


All HVAC contractors in Virginia need to have a license, bonding and insurance. Before settling on a contractor, check with the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) to verify their license and financial responsibilities.

Besides having the protections that licensing provides, most manufacturers require that you work with a state-licensed contractor to keep the warranty for the equipment they install valid. Losing a warranty because you’re using an unlicensed or unauthorized contractor could cost you a good deal in the long run.


The reputation of the contractor makes a difference. Although some sites are cracking down on “fake” reviews, you’ll have to sift through the information you find on some websites regarding other customers’ ratings and reviews of the contractor to be sure they’re valid.

Sites you can trust include Angie’,, and the BBB. An HVAC contractor who is NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified has achieved the highest standing in the industry with both customer service and technical competence, like the C.B. Lucas Company.

Pricing and Specials

While price counts, it’s not the only consideration when choosing an HVAC contractor. The quality of the work and installation is the foremost consideration, since your health, comfort and energy bills rest on the capabilities of the company technicians. All other things being equal, it’s better to prioritize a quality job versus price before finalizing your decision. When you do find a fully qualified and highly respected contractor, like those from C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning, that’s offering seasonal specials, so much the better.

Protect the Pets

Providing service or repairing your HVAC system often requires full access to your home. To safeguard your pets, put them in their favorite room that the technician won’t need to access at all or infrequently. Pets underfoot can be difficult for the technicians and doors will be open. Not only does confining the pets to their own space keep them safer, the pets won’t be able to run outdoors unnoticed.

Finding the best HVAC contractor for your home does require some effort. It’s time well spent because much depends on their ability to handle the job and your long term satisfaction.

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