Though last season’s Golden Boot race revealed that the Premier League has so many fantastic forwards that they actually can’t be isolated. Then this year, we’ve been introduced to some exceptional attacking game players from some of the best Europe’s center-forwards ufabet

With this Premier League season coming back on Wednesday, for three months and with no action scenes, the players are quaking in their boots to get back into the action. With all that in mind, do you know who the top No.9s in the Premier League is?

We have selected a couple of top players esports, but you can also vote for who you feel was the finest at the edge. A season plagued by the pandemic, who was the best forward player in the 2019-2020 Premier League, how many goals did they accomplish, and what attributes did they acquire? In this post, we will try to address all these concerns.

  1. Mohamed Salah

The first season of the Egyptian King in Liverpool without a Golden Boot helped him win the Premier League and score 19 times. Considering that he’s still been there for three years, played and won two Golden Boots and a League trophy, it’s no joke that Liverpool supporters so love Mohamed Salah.

This was Salah’s so-called “Quiet Season” that saw him almost earn the Golden Boot for the third year in a row, and that in itself speaks to his remarkable ability and commitment. One would have guessed that winning the Premier League in beauty is better than winning any individual trophy.

Salah shared some of the strengths of Sadio Mané, who was among the best forward players in the 2019-2020 Premier League. Both boys are decent Dribblers, and they also have a fantastic amount of pace at their disposal, but Salah has the X-factor that not many excellent teams appear to have. The potential to score goals out of nowhere and by dribbling past 3 or 4 defenders or bringing the ball in the back of the net from tight angles or long distances is undoubtedly the best skill by this champ.

  1. Jamie Vardy

Maybe the first real surprise in this ranking would be the presence of this year’s Golden Boot champion on number 3. However, the fact is that Vardy earned more penalties than any of those over him and also received the Golden Boot with just a small gap. However, with 23 goals scored this season, he’s already been prominent on the Premier League list of top forwards.

Even at 33, Vardy appears to have all the characteristics of an “English Forward,” rugged as nails and able to take advantage of even the slightest errors, so he doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

  1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Over the last five years, few European top league players have won regularly as Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Since he debuted in the Premier League for Arsenal in January 2018, almost no other athlete scored goals more than him. The Black Panther, as the arsenal supporters so lovingly name it, is one of the very few bright points in the 2019-2020 league campaign that any arsenal fan would like to ignore, scoring his every day 20 + goals. A quantity that seems like it’s scheduled season after season.

At 31, he’s still one of the quickest players in football, a talent he employs to his full benefit by running down any loose ball, leading blister counter-attacks, and making powerful runs on opponents with strong defensive lines. His confidence and leadership, coupled with his technical capabilities, is what placed him so far on the list of the top forwards in the 2019-2020 Premier League, scoring 22 goals this season and missing the top position, as well as the Golden Boot, only by a hair!

  1. Danny Ings

The achievement of Danny Ings at Southampton every season is nothing short of remarkable. His resurrection story is just an inspirational tale of betting odds and an accurate sporting fairy tale. Like many English forwards playing for the Premier League’s mid-table teams, Dany Ings paid his title dues and was elevated to Burnley. While he had an excellent first season in the Premier League with Burnley, he had his dream move to Liverpool.

The change of management and injuries had a significant effect on his 3-year tenure in Anfield. He’s even missed a whole season only because of injuries. All appeared to be skewed against him, and in the end, he had to leave the club with just a couple of games and three Premier League goals in his title.

His debt transfer to Southampton looked like a reasonable transfer, and the seven goals he achieved in the 2018-2019 season were something that everybody predicted of him. And then the season of 2019-2020 arrived, and he took the league by surprise. Scoring 22 times and just missing the top position to Jamie Vardy.

His statistics sound even more remarkable by looking at his season statistics revealing that Danny Ings netted an impressive 43 percent of Southampton’s 51 goals this season, only one of which was a penalty.

Considering the standard of the performers around him, who are good but not so brilliant, and the reality that if not for him, Southampton would have struggled for their lives in the relegation zone, Danny Ings’ 22 goals make his achievement even more remarkable.


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