Rolling a joint is often difficult for those with limited experience. If you have recently received a medical marijuana card to address physical or mental health issues, navigating the process of buying marijuana and rolling joints is overwhelming.

You may feel unsure of what products to buy or the best methods to use to ensure you’re rolling your joints properly. To ease the burden of this transition, consider purchasing pre-rolled joint packs through reputable businesses. Companies like Plain Jane take the pressure off by providing an array of pre-rolled joints for you to choose from. Whether you buy an entire pack or you simply purchase a few to determine your preference, this is is a viable option.

Requirements for a Medical Marijuana Card

Depending on where you live, the requirements for purchasing marijuana vary. Medical marijuana cards are currently available in 33 states, each of which has its own set of application requirements. To apply, you are commonly required to complete a background check and you must receive a recommendation from a registered physician.

For the background check portion of your application, your criminal history becomes the primary focus. Any existing arrest record you have is going to show up on the background check for a medical marijuana card.

Your criminal record prohibits you from receiving a medical marijuana card if you have received a felony drug conviction. If you are unsure of what information is contained in your criminal history record, complete a search yourself before filling out your application. Arrest records free lookup is available through search engines offering this service, like GoLookUp. Take a few moments to go through the public information surrounding any prior arrests and convictions you have had in the past.

Benefits of Pre-Rolled Joints

Whether you are using a medical marijuana card to purchase pre-rolled joints or you simply want to use them for recreational purposes, there are several benefits to buying them in this form. The pre-rolled joints are created by a professional, meaning you can rely on the quality of the product you receive. Each time you buy a pack, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality hash that has been rolled properly. This removes the struggle of having to roll your joints yourself, which is often confusing for those who do not have much practice.

In addition to being more convenient, pre-rolled joints often contain a filter that protects you from the heat emitted with each puff. These filters ensure that you get a concentrated amount of marijuana in each pack. The length and type of available pre-rolled joints vary, so you likely have to try a few options before finding one that works best for you.

Buying Pre-Rolled Joints

The process of buying pre-rolled joints is different in each state. The rules and regulations in your state may be more relaxed than others. One of the most common requirements across the board is that you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase marijuana in any form. Be prepared to show a photo identification card at the time of purchase to confirm you meet this requirement. You do not need to acquire or present a medical marijuana card to purchase pre-rolled joints for recreational use.

The price for a pack of pre-rolled joints is dictated by the business you purchase your items from. Some are available for a few dollars per joint whereas packs are often more expensive. Though a pack costs more money, it may be a better value depending on how many pre-rolled joints you are receiving versus the cost of each joint individually.

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