The American Pitbulls Terrier appeared for the first time in Europe, and it’s a combination of English Terriers and English Bulldogs to create a robust, reliable, and hard-working breed. Brought later to the United States, the breed is renamed Staffordshire Terrier to be used primarily for hunting, herding, and even as messengers on the battlefield.

Today, Pitbulls are pets loved by several people for their friendliness and remarkable strength. Most Pitbulls that we receive at the shelter are crossed with other breeds such as Labrador, husky, or boxer. This illustrates the great differences in size, color, and behavior. We cannot confirm the breed of an animal unless we have his Canadian Kennel Club papers. We rely primarily on the physical and behavioral characteristics of the animal to establish its breed.

For my part, my story with Pitbulls began the first day I started working at the shelter. Before working on it, I had never been in contact with Pitbulls. Like many people, I had preconceived ideas about this breed by researching and reading many articles. I imagined these would be threatening dogs, difficult to approach, and delicate to control.

And then I met Spotlight a beautiful black and white dog that we hosted at the shelter. She was incredibly kind and sensitive.

I spent a lot of time with her, and I discovered an extremely intelligent dog that I never came across previously, would be a joke if I tell you I was wearing it home-made dog clothes to see the harmony of intelligence and cuteness on it. She had a thirst for learning and stared at me with extreme intelligence. I always had the impression that she spoke to me with her eyes, conveyed to me her joy at watching me or her sadness to stay in her cage at night. I have never seen a dog take a biscuit more gently than Spotlight. For her, there was nothing better in the world than a hug and massage session. I wholeheartedly would say it was a perfect dog! What a pain to have let her go to her new family.

And now, I was in the camp of the Pitbulls lovers!

A long series of Pitbulls followed at the shelter, and I always got amazed by this intelligent Spotlight breed at each of our meetings. These dogs do not only have a thirst for learning, but they love the company of humans.

At the shelter, the Pitbulls are treated like other dogs, and we always take into consideration their characters and abilities during the evaluations. However, we believe that these dogs can become dangerous under the wrong hands, like all other breeds elsewhere. That is why we are always vigilant when adopting dogs whose stature can cause more damage in case of a bite.

In recent years, the media has portrayed the Pitbulls as killing machines and monsters. It is important to note that these cases do exist, but are exceptions. All races have their peculiarities, and dangerousness does not belong to a race.

The Bottom Line for New Breeders or Adopters

When adopting a dog, we invite future adopters to read about the breed that interests them. Since each dog is unique and has the physical and behavioral characteristics that predominate in it. It is accordingly important to find out whether these features are suitable for our lifestyle or no.

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