When you work from home keeping a tidy home office is more important than ever. Do you know how to organize your home office so that working from home is efficient and you can reach peak productivity?

We want to help you out with some of our favorite home office organization ideas that we use in our own home offices.

Keep reading for a few office organization tips that will take you from chaotic to clean.

Use the Wall!

So many people clutter up their desk and floor space just to get all of their things confined in one place. You probably have perfectly good walls just sitting there in front of you, waiting to be used.

Installing a few wall shelves is affordable and easy and there are styles for any home office.

These can make it easier to find important things at a glance and also help to keep your desk space easier to manage.

Label Everything

Label makers are more fun than they should be, but if you’re not into labeling everything one-by-one you can get labels pre-made to streamline the process. There are object labels, project labels, exhibit stickers, and pretty much anything else you’ll ever need available online.

You can also make your own labels with chalk and chalkboard paint if that’s more suited to your home style.

Keep Those Cables Together

When you’re managing too many electronics at once you end up with a tangled mess of plastic cables and cords that seems impossible to unravel. It almost seems easier to throw the whole thing away and buy new ones than to undo the knots.

Buy or make a cable organizer that can help keep everything from tangling. Put the organizer in one easy-to-reach place and never worry about a missing or tangled cord again.

Get a Drawer Organizer

Is your drawer a mess? Do you throw all of your supplies in there sporadically just to regret that laziness later?

We’ve been there.

You can buy or make drawer dividers that can help you keep everything exactly where it belongs. Make a section for writing tools, scissors, stamps, paper, and anything else that you use on a day-to-day basis. Not having to go searching for things later will make you more productive overall.

Clean as You Go

One of the best ways to stay tidy is to clean as you go. When you’re busy this can be challenging, but if you do it often enough it just becomes part of your daily routine.

When you’re not cleaning as you go, things just accumulate until the mess is bigger than it needs to be. Then it becomes a huge hassle at the end of the day or week depending on how long you put it off.

Make your life easier and put things away when you’re done using them.

How to Organize Your Home Office: It’s Easy!

Keeping your home office organized doesn’t have to be complicated. Just add a few extra things to your desk space and enjoy a decluttered space.

If you’re wondering how to organize your home office just take 1 or 2 of our tips and see if they work for you!

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