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Finding an online therapist is probably the biggest step that you can take for promoting good mental health. But unlike flu, cold or any other physical illnesses, mental health disorders like depression and anxiety can take enough time to cure. There are few studies which show that majority of the people who go through therapy sessions usually sit for 5-10 sessions and they also meet their counselors at least once in a week. With the ongoing popularity of online counseling and online therapy sessions, the therapists offer help via chat, phone, or video and this makes the entire process more convenient for the client. Read on to know more on this.

Providing mental health treatments – Who can provide?

You must have been aware of the fact that psychiatrists can offer psychological treatments for people who suffer from mental illness. You can watch out for a psychiatrist who is located near you and who is an expert in offering psychological treatments. There are other social workers, few GPs, psychologists, mental health nurses, counselors and online therapists who provide you with psychological treatments.

However you need to know that all people who provide you with psychological treatments don’t have the right level of experience that is required in this therapy. Hence before working with someone, you need to ask about the qualifications and credentials of the therapist.

Psychological or mental health treatment – What are the types?

There are different kinds of psychological treatments which are designed to assist people with such issues. Few common treatments are as follows:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy: This therapy is based on the idea that human thoughts produce human emotions. The therapist will ask you to challenge all the unhelpful thoughts that you have in your mind. This therapy is usually used for treating anxiety and depression.
  • Interpersonal therapy: Interpersonal therapy is a very short time treatment for diseases like depression. The therapist will ask you to think of the relationships that you share with other people and how these relations have an impact on your emotions and mood.
  • Supportive psychotherapy: Supportive psychotherapy is a therapy based on conversation and which aims to make you feel less anxious while letting you come up with practical ways in which you can cope with stressed situations.

If you want to get the most out of your online therapy or for that matter offline therapy, you should speak honestly about everything that’s going on in your mind. Don’t hide anything as that can extend the time of the procedure.

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