As you look forward to what can be achieved in 2019, change can start within you so that other significant decisions in your path can also follow.

A new year has been given to all of us again – another year to create plans, recreate memories, and to reflect on life as we know it and as it has been given. The year prior might have been a mix of sunshine and storm, but it is always great to take hold of opportunities to refresh, to declutter, and better yet, to start off with a clean slate.

If you are one of those who have ultimately looked forward to 2019 for achieving incredible milestones, it’s time to just dive into opportunities as this year promises a time for recovery and a space for growth. To specifically zero in on a milestone fit for this year, you might be one of those who are eager to own their dream property this year. As it is positively and excitedly noted, “The future of the industry looks bright for the new year, not just in Metro Manila but also beyond it.

As it is subscribed into by many, resolutions are best made before the year starts. Along the same lines, it is also best to make resolutions about your outlook and characteristics before you finally decide and purchase a house this 2019. Here’s a quick reference for you, giving you a new meaning when you think about “HOUSE”.


Deciding for your dream house can mean talking to a lot of other people that will be part of the process. It is best for you to be clear with what you want and need so that things will fall into place the way you expect it to be. Of course, you also must be honest with yourself, especially when it comes to level of commitment to this life-changing choice. Your level of comfort with compromises, especially when it comes to finances, should be clear to you. You owe it to yourself to be okay to have room for versatility.


There are times that you might think that your idea when it comes to your property has already been done or has been out there for a quite a while now, but you must think about it this way: what’s wrong with not reinventing the wheel anymore and go by with classics? Being original also means being creative with how you want to execute things – the structure my follow a pattern but you can still add your own flair especially since this will be yours for a long while, even possibly for a lifetime. Being original can also mean being adaptable to what can be better given all resources.


It can be overwhelming to think of purchasing a house that you want that most of the time, people tend to overdo efforts. Exceeding expectations can be good but keep it to the facets that need it the most, not with everything about your plans, as this may cause more disappointments in the long run. You can look for grand inspirations but always stay grounded with the possibilities within your budget. Humility can still take you to greater heights, in this case, to your humble abode.


Since you are about to turn your hard-earned money into something more visible and tangible, you must be steadfast with every step of this process. Being serious should also be equated to sincerity – your every move should be calculated but always in accordance to what can make you happy in the end. May it be from the plans and plots up to the materials to be used, you must be in it to win it.


Just like a kid on Christmas day or watching fireworks on New Year, you must stay excited all throughout. Losing the spark just because of setbacks and temporary hurdles, not to mention numerous steps and paper works, is certainly understandable but never let it take over the bigger picture. This milestone may change you and let you mature even more but staying delighted despite the ordeals can lead not just into the best results but also into having a healthy heart and sound mind.

How’s that for enjoying your much-awaited dream home? Now, the word HOUSE can make you think of something more than the structure that you want to have, but also the qualities that you can embody to have a better understanding of what constitutes a life in it.

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