Public transport offers you a way to get to destinations around your area if you don’t own a car or if you just want to be more conservative and eco-friendly about your fuel usage. If you choose to travel by this option, you should be extra vigilant when it comes to your personal safety. Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself while using public transport.

Try Not to Wait Alone

If possible, you should avoid waiting for your ride at a stop where no one else is present. Waiting by yourself at a stop might make you a target for criminals. Since no one else will be around to help you, these criminals may feel more emboldened to commit robbery, assault or other crimes. It may also be difficult to identify these criminals later for prosecution if there are no other witnesses. If there is another nearby stop where more people are likely to be waiting, going there instead will probably be a good idea.

Choose a Safe Seat

Sitting in a window seat might make it more difficult for you to exit the vehicle if an emergency arises. It’s best to sit in an aisle seat or somewhere near the driver so that you can quickly notify him or her if a problem occurs. A seat that’s near an emergency cord or button that can be easily reached if you have an urgent situation is another desirable option. You should also avoid sitting too close to a door so that thieves won’t have an easier time trying to steal your valuables. Seats at the back of the vehicle can sometimes be more difficult to exit.

Stay Alert

It’s important to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings while taking public transport. Thieves often look for people who are distracted and less likely to notice any missing belongings. No matter how tired you are, you should avoid sleeping at any point during your ride. If you feel especially tired, try standing instead of sitting while onboard to keep yourself awake. Loyola University Chicago advises its students to not get too involved with reading or playing with their phones so that they can stay more alert.

Use Safety Features

Many buses, trains and other public transport vehicles are equipped with additional safety features that should be used. If your vehicle has seatbelts, be sure to buckle up for the duration of the ride. Handrails can also be grasped to prevent you from falling if you need to stand. Some vehicles have latches that can be pulled so that you can exit through a window quickly if your vehicle is involved in an accident. As you enter the vehicle, you should look for some of these safety features so that you know where they are if you ever need them.

You can stay safer while using public transportation by arming yourself with the right knowledge. If you happen to become injured, you can talk to a personal injury lawyer in your area to explore your legal options.

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