Are you a first-time house renter? Do you need help finding a house to rent? Renting a home is a bit different than renting an apartment.

There are a few things you want to do to prepare for the process. Not sure where to even begin? A checklist for renting a house is a great starting point.

In the guide below, you’ll find a list of several things you should do before and during the rental process. Continue reading below to learn more!

Create a List of Must-Haves

Not all rental properties will come with the same features. It’s important you know what your must-haves are. These are features that your rental home must have inside of it.

They’re non-negotiable and for good reason. For example, a must-have on your list may be central cooling and heating. Another must-have might be a laundry room with a washer and dryer hookup.

Then, create a list of your desired features. These are features that you can live without but would prefer not to. Creating these two lists will help you find a great rental property.

Know Your Budget

The cost of renting a house may differ from neighborhood to neighborhood. There are a few other factors that could affect the cost of the rental as well. The number of square feet and number of bathrooms and bedrooms can also have an effect.

Know what your budget is and be sure to stick to it when on the search. A good way to determine your budget is to sit down and go through all of your expenses vs your income. Your rental budget shouldn’t leave you with no spare money at the end of the month, so plan accordingly.

Don’t forget to consider extra costs as well such as utilities that are not included in your rent.

Gather All Required Documents

Gather all the documents required by a landlord during the application process as well. For example, you may need to show verification of income. You might also need to provide proof of a good credit score.

The specific documents needed will depend on the landlord, so be sure to speak with them about this before becoming set on one house in particular.

Research the Landlord

Just as the landlord does their research on you to prevent bad tenants, you should conduct research on the landlord to prevent a bad landlord as well. Conduct a quick online search for the landlord of the property, looking for online reviews.

See what past renters are saying about this property and how well the landlord manages it. It’s also a great idea to inspect the property well before signing the lease. Have someone come with you who knows a thing or two about foundations, electric work, roofs, and more.

They’ll know what signs to look for that point to a property that isn’t well-maintained. A great manager like those at will take good care of their properties.

Keep This Checklist for Renting a House Handy

If you plan to rent a house in the near future, then be sure to keep this checklist for renting a house handy! Go through the list while searching for a rental property and while moving further into the rental process. Follow all these tips for a wonderful experience.

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