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Tandem axle trailers are well-known for providing additional storage for those keen on packing heavy equipment and transporting them from one place to another. They come to aid with people’s work routine who need to pack heavy machinery, extra equipment, goods or products safely and move them. Australia is known for construction, manufacturing, mining and technical services industries which require safe transport of fragile and heavy equipment. Trailers from trusted vendors like Modern Trailers in Australia are durable and reliable and aid such factories, worksites and large properties in their goods conveying tasks.

Tandem axle trailers provide great flexibility compared to their counterparts as operators can move the goods around effortlessly. But not all tandem trailers work well for all situations. To pick the one that suits the needs of the factory or the worksite, one must know what they are buying it for, the features to look for, precautions to take and its maintenance. As they carry heavy goods, even the smallest mistake done or overlooked by an inexperienced buyer might cost the company.

Why Are Tandem Trailers a Great Fit?

Tandem axle trailers can be distinguished from their single-axle counterparts due to the two sets of wheels or dual axles that they contain. This feature allows these trailers to support heavier goods with greater stability, similar to larger semi-trailers. Along with this, their design proves to be highly beneficial for situations where transportable storage is necessary for heavy-duty items. Their rigorous construction enables them to carry heavy goods easily. This design is beneficial in places where the payload is high.

Things to Consider Before Buying A New Trailer

Despite their larger-than-usual size, they are easy to operate and manoeuvre. The dual axle allows easy operation even on complicated worksites, cut around corners and aid in long travels around the property. Tandem trailers are highly accessible and are ideal for transporting generators, excavators and other smaller machines as loading and unloading is a simple process. They also come in various sizes. Therefore, factories or worksites must consider the amount and type of goods they want to store and transfer. They must also consider the add-on accessories and the customizability before picking the option that best suits them.


While purchasing tandem axle trailers, make sure to look for one that matches the towing vehicle and its durability. One must make sure to avoid overloading the trailer with items that might be overbearing for the vehicle. Consult the trailer providers to find the correct ratio of the object and the trailer required for the vehicle to transport them smoothly.

How Much Must the Buyers Have to Invest?

Buyers know their needs about the kind of tandem trailers, their size, accessories, and moderations they require while setting a budget to buy a trailer. Knowing this will help them narrow down their options. Generally, in Australia, tandem axle trailers cost between 2,500 AUD to 10,000 AUD on average, based on the factors mentioned above. The cost can go higher if they want any modifications or adjustments made to carry specific goods. Therefore, companies must consult their factory supervisors and financial advisors about investing in the best-suited trailer for their worksite.


Second-hand trailers might be another option that comes cheaper. But there is also the risk of investing in a vehicle that might be faulty, corroded, unsafe, difficult, spent and might have incomplete documentation. They might also be difficult to insure, customise, hook up to the vehicles and satisfy the company regulations. Considering these aspects, if the company is looking to use the tandem trailer for a long time and put safety first, investing in a new trailer is the best option.

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