Batteries are the storage devices that provide the emergency power to inverters in the event of a power cut. These batteries are charged by the inverter after the mains supply of power returns.

Tubular batteries are lead acid batteries used to power industrial forklift trucks and inverters during emergency power shut downs. Tubular battery types have become the new talk of the town, and they are being opted for by many consumers. Some tubular batteries are fabricated by round tubes of lead while others opt for a square profile for manufacturing their tubes. Many battery options are available when a consumer opts for inverter battery online shopping which reduces the effort of going to the store and buying the same product.

Structure of tubular plate batteries

  • A common bus bar is used to hold a series of vertical spines together in the tubular design. This design is beneficial in keeping the active material in constant contact with the grid and holds it up mechanically. Micro porous conductive tubes called gauntlets are used to hold the paste and are connected to the spines.
  • The positive plate consists of a combination of gauntlets, lead oxide, spines, and the bottom bar.
  • The presence of a high mass porosity is used to compensate the volume changes in the battery during charging and discharging. The remaining free particles are distributed with the aid of gas bubbles.
  • Tubular batteries have lesser lead and active material than flat plate batteries which also reduces the grid material that withstands the corrosive acid environment created when the battery is functional. Inverter battery online purchase must be done prudently to select the most suitable battery option to fit the customer’s needs.
  • The lesser active material also reduces the ability of the tubular battery to withstand repeated charging and discharging during inverter operations.

Benefits of using tubular batteries-

  • The batteries contain extra thick gauntlets.
  • The batteries provide an excellent discharge performance due to thick spines and a bus bar.
  • The life of tubular batteries depends on the manufacturer, but good quality batteries provide 1200 cycles at 80% DOD.
  • The corrosion of batteries is a big problem and some companies manufacture special tubular spines at a 100 bar pressure to develop corrosion resistance, especially during extreme conditions. This help in giving the battery the right consistency for all climatic conditions.
  • The electrolyte level in the batteries is shown by float guide indicators on the battery.
  • They present quick charge acceptance qualities.
  • An extra top electrolyte helps to prevent frequent water topping.
  • There are low maintenance issues as there is a special alloy fitting to reduce the loss of electrolytes.
  • Micro porous ceramic vent plugs decrease acid fumes which makes the battery environment friendly.
  • Tubular batteries are designed to function better in places with frequent power cuts.
  • Low footprint designing by most manufacturers is usually used to make homes, offices, and business centres more aesthetically appealing.
  • Most of these batteries come with factory charged settings which reduces commissioning time.

Most tubular batteries have applications in inverters, UPS systems, telecommunication systems, fire alarm security systems, electronic PABX systems, and office automation equipment.

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