Diabetes is a common disease that is prevalent in the world and is known as lifestyle disease; yeah, of course, it is. This disease can create a lot of complications that can lead to serious health issues including death. But people can certainly minimize the effects by undergoing treatment and medication.

The disease is classified into two distinct categories; type I and type II. People who are above the age of 35 suffer from the type II diabetes and it is caused by the extreme insulin resistance, which means, The body fails to respond to the insulin produced by the pancreases.

Various factors like overweight, hormone imbalance, stress and hypertension can cause this disease; there is no cure for this disease, but people can certainly keep it at the bay by following right diet, taking medicine and working out regularly. This article aims to educate you on the natural remedies that can keep diabetes under control.

What to avoid:

Before we discuss the prescribed natural remedies, let’s find out the proscribed substances that you must avoid in order to maintain good health. First, avoid consuming refined sugar because it will boost the blood sugar level up quickly.

Second; you must stop eating the gluten-rich grains and stay away from alcohol because it will damage the liver and affect the pancreas that plays a vital role in producing insulin. Ensure that you do not consume cow milk and drink goat milk instead.

To know more about removing the wrong food groups, you could read this post from good wellness tips.

The natural remedies:

Cinnamon: It helps in stimulating the insulin activities that helps in regulating the sugar level. In addition, it’s bioactive compounds are known to have a greater effect in preventing diabetes.

Gooseberry: The polyphenol content of the gooseberry is highly efficient in keeping the body safe from the oxidative properties of the blood sugar.

Fenugreek: This herb’s hypoglycemic activity enhances the glucose tolerance capacity, lowers the blood sugar level and expedites the glucose-dependent insulin secretion process. The high fiber content reduces the absorption of sugars and carbohydrates.

Chromium Rich Food: This nutrient glucose tolerant capability that balances the blood sugar level naturally. It is highly effective in carrying the glucose into the cells that create energy. Raw cheese, green beans and broccoli should be the ideal foods that you must consume to get the adequate amount of chromium.

Increase the magnesium:  The study suggests that the magnesium deficiency has a greater impact on diabetes; the magnesium has the positive impact on glucose metabolism thus helping in regulating the blood sugar level. Almonds, yogurt, spinach, pumpkin seeds contain the high level of magnesium.

Fiber-rich food: The fiber helps in detoxification, improves the blood sugar regulation and slows down the glucose absorption rate significantly. Avocados, Brussels sprout, chia seeds are fiber-rich foods that you need to eat regularly.

Holy basil leaves: The holy basil has antioxidant property; the essential oils help is generating compounds like caryophyllene eugenol and methyl eugenol that keep the pancreas’s beta cells function healthily and makes them sensitive to insulin.

Green tea: unlike other teas, green tea is rich in poly-phenol; a compound that controls the blood sugar and makes the body capable of using insulin effectively.

Bitter Melon Extract: The study suggests that the bitter melon is highly effective in reducing the glucose level and it also eliminates the chances of kidney damage, eye disorder, heart issues, blood vessel complications and a host of other medical conditions arising from diabetes.

Clean protein: The mineral effect of the clean protein helps in lowering the glucose level and slows down the sugar absorption rate. The fishes, organic chicken, lentils and eggs are the source of clean protein that you need to eat every day.

Vitamin C: The intake of vitamin C can have the better effect on the blood sugar level. Approximately 600mg of vitamin C should be regularly taken to keep the body healthy. It also helps in improving the skin health. Tomato, blueberry and oranges are the best sources of the vitamin C

Exercise: The workout is the best way to stay fit. It not only keeps you mentally and psychologically healthy but also helps in reducing the chances of diabetes occurring from the overweight issues.  Yoga, running, aerobics or working out gym should be in the to-do-list. Exercise will help in reducing the blood sugar level.

By eating the above-mentioned food, fruits and supplements, you will be able to reverse the effects of diabetes significantly. This is a disease that can cause multiple medical conditions and hamper the life drastically. Hence, it is advisable to eat properly, exercise and take adequate rest so that the body functions optimally.

However, keep in mind that you should be under the doctor’s supervision if you are suffering from chronic diabetes; it is not wise to handle the disease by relying on the natural remedies. Of course, natural remedies work, but an expert’s intervention is a healthy idea.




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