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Modular kitchen is one of the most commonly thrown around terms. What it means is a pre-designed kitchen interior that comes in modules that are of fixed shape and sizes. These modules could either be factory-made or customized to suit the client’s needs. Modular kitchens use high-quality laminates for their cabinets. Sometimes the plywood is lined by aluminium to increase its durability.

Modular kitchens have several advantages over a custom made kitchen. They come in a variety of colours and finishes. They are easier to install and are more durable. What makes these modular kitchens even more durable and efficient are the additional accessories that can be used. As the population is increasing, the average house sizes are decreasing. With this come space constraint and difficulties in fitting things in a given small area. These kitchen accessories are a game-changer and help utilise every bit of space. There are a lot of modifiable accessories available of which the following are the most dynamic and useful.

Corner Solutions

In the case of L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen layouts, it is very difficult to reach the space in corners. These are the most underused or inefficiently used spaces in the entire kitchen. Various corner solutions could render these spaces very useful. Trays of various shapes like- circular, rectangular, half-moon are available to suit the user’s need. 

Lift Up Cabinet Doors

These cabinets prove to be extremely useful in the case of smaller kitchens. Instead of swinging sideways the doors open upward thus saving a lot of space. Some of these operate automatically. These come in various finishes such as laminate, acrylic, and glass. 

Pull Out Basket/Drawer

These are baskets that are set on channels and can be pulled out of a cabinet. These are different from normal pull out drawers/organisers as they allow the storage of items like vegetables. These also come with lids to avoid the smell from spreading. Choices of wicker and stainless steel baskets are available. 

Tall Unit

As the name suggests, these are tall units that are usually placed towards the end against a wall. These mostly act as a pantry for non-perishable, dry goods. These are tall, generally slender structures that could either have single panel or double panel storage depending on the user requirement and space available.

Appliance Garage

These are units placed on the kitchen top which store various electric kitchen appliances. Their shutters can be opened to use the appliance and then closed again to give the kitchen a clean clutter-free look. These shutters are available in various finishes such as acrylic, laminate, and glass. 

Organised Cutlery Trays

These are the most dynamic organisers of all. Cutlery trays allow storage of from small spoons to large ladles and spatulas. These come in various materials such a wood, stainless steel, and PVC. One of the most helpful tools for a clutter-free and organised kitchen.

Bottle Baskets

These are units designed to store bottles of sauce vinegar etc. These are organisers that have grills to prevent bottles from tumbling. These are narrow units generally placed near hobs for easy access.

Modular kitchen and its appliances are a blessing for everyone who wants things organised in their kitchen. 

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