Your eyesight is very crucial to the overall well-being. However, eyesight is taken for granted until there is a significant threat to it. Meanwhile, it is important to take note of the most common vision problems in order to look out for their symptoms to go for a test and get treated as soon as possible.

  1. Cataract

This is the clouding of the lens. It causes a gradual degradation of visual quality. Cataract blocks and distorts the light passing through the lens, and therefore, causes complaints due to the vision problems.

  1. Diabetic Retinopathy

The light coming into the lens gets transformed by the retina into signals that the brain can process. This condition, diabetes, causes the retina to swell and make the blood vessels grow or leak with effects such as flashes, blurring, floaters, pressure, and pain.

  1. Macular Degeneration

In the center of the retina, is macula that contains the light-sensing cells that are responsible for the central vision. Macular degeneration is when the tissue of the macula or the blood vessel in the macular grows or breaks down in the macular and makes it hard to see faces, drive, or read.

  1. Glaucoma

The eye is surrounded by the right amount of fluid. If there is an excess fluid in the eye, it can cause a pressure that is capable of damages the optic nerve, impairs the peripheral, and make the central vision incapable, unable to see. It is excessive pressure that causes this problem.

  1. Refractive Errors

To have a perfect vision, the eyeball, lens, and cornea must be appropriately shaped for light rays to bend or refract and land on the retina to send the right signal to the brain. The vision blurs where this process does not happen. Refractive errors are categorized into myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia (difficulty focusing up) caused by aging.

All these five vision problems can be detected early by going for regular eye examinations annually with your optometrist before age 18 and after age 65. Early detection of these problems can help prevent them from getting worse and making the vision degenerate to the extent of not being treated or restored.

If you are on prescription, ensure to keep it always updated in order to make the corrective measures work as expected and prevent your vision from further damage.

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