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Mobile phones are becoming an increasingly large part of day to day life. They hold together virtually everything we know and own and provide us with everything we don’t know. The continuous expansion on the digital world has seen phones become more and more impressive with their functions to the extent that, although small, there is almost no need for a computer.

Because of the heavy reliance that people now have on their phones, it is necessary to hire SEO services in Australia to aid in ensuring that a given business has a mobile friendly website.

While it has previously been so important to have a user-friendly webpage, a website that is easy to use on all devices is now even more important. As people are using their phones more, they want to be able to do everything they could on their computer, on their phone.

With the help of an SEO expert, here are a few reasons why manufacturing a mobile friendly webpage is becoming even more important;

Users are Different

People using their phone have different objectives and behaviours to those who are using their desktop. Phone users typically want their information quickly, on an easily accessible platform. People using their phones are more likely to engage in impulse purchases and this is why it is important to provide them with easily digestible information on a fast site.

This underlies the reason as to why the mobile site must, a) be different to the desktop site and, b) be aligned to the needs and wants of users. Providing a user friendly site will aid in the major statistics of mobile use and improve return on investment (ROI). SEO services in Australia are able to help businesses design their sites specifically to help overcome this issue.

It Gets More Traffic

As has been stated, mobile devices play a large role in day to day life and as a result, a lot of website traffic comes from this device. Because people often use their phones simultaneously with other devices, there is an even greater need for the first impression to be a good one.

Many of the major tech companies are saying that the future of search is mobile and that desktop is going out of fashion. This links back to the increasing functionality of phones combined with people’s busy lives. As people are now more regularly doing things while on the go and out of the office or house, the importance of a mobile friendly webpage is only increasing.

With more traffic comes the potential for more conversions, but it also opens the door for a higher bounce rate. A user friendly site will help to push these additional users towards a conversion as opposed to contributing to bounce rate.

Increased Conversions

If the desktop website is the same for all other devices, the likelihood of conversions is significantly decreased and the need for an SEO expert is highlighted. It is shown that desktop websites do not lead to conversions on phones. The conversion rate is measured as ‘the number of people who visit the site’ divided by ‘the number of people who achieve a designated site goal’.

The biggest problem with desktop webpages on a phone is the navigational power that the user is devoid of. Text is harder to see and they are unable to gain a full picture of the site at once. Many of the call-to-actions are no longer visible or are difficult to find, as are the contact links.

Additionally, because of the nature of usage, as touched on above, they want a fast and easily accessible website that can complete the task quickly. A desktop webpage doesn’t allow for this and will see a reduction in conversions as search shifts towards phones.

As conversions are the most highly valued statistic in SEO, hiring an SEO expert like SEO Shark to manage the various device-specific sites and configure them accordingly is a great step in overcoming these issues.

Reduced Bounce Rate

Following on from the above, if content is unreadable and unable to be easily engaged with, consumers are likely to leave the site. The bounce rate is calculated by dividing ‘the number of visitors who view a single page’ by ‘the total number of sessions of all users’.

Regardless of how the site looks on the desktop, if it isn’t mobile friendly it won’t matter. Visitors won’t want to stay on the site as they won’t be able to properly engage with the site as it is designed. Often, desktop sites lose a lot of the features when used on other devices due to the alternative formatting required.

SEO services in Australia provide specialised services to reduce bounce rate and increase other areas of performance in search engine optimisation. Reducing bounce rate is a big step in improving the performance of a webpage.

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