Do you have something that you can share with the world?  Why not share it via your blog?

Being a newbie, it can be terrifying to start. But don’t worry you will be able to start one immediately with cheap WordPress hosting Australia.

You would just need to host your blog and optimize it for SEO. But prior to that, you will need to develop a blog or website. This is easily possible with WordPress CMS. WordPress makes your web development as easy as preparing a lemon juice with its different flavours such as themes and plugins. You will be able to develop a website that looks professional similar to other websites.

So now that you have developed a website for your blog, you will need to find the best web host to host it. But don’t worry; you don’t have to search for it anywhere as in this article you are going to get the complete information about the best WordPress host in Australia.

MilesWeb – The Best WordPress Host in Australia

Launched in 2012 and based in India, MilesWeb hasn’t lacked behind to popularize its services in other countries. Today, it ranks as one of the best and affordable WordPress host in Australia. Apart from WordPress, the company offers other hosting solutions such as shared, dedicated, VPS, reseller hosting Australia, cloud, business and other types of application and eCommerce hosting.

They are the proud supporter of WordPress and offer the complete package of hosting for your WordPress websites. You won’t find their packages incomplete in any sense.

WordPress Hosting Plans

MilesWeb offers three types of WordPress hosting plans – Ace, Heart and Diamond. You get a lifetime free domain, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited email accounts and unlimited bandwidth with their Heart and Diamond plans.

Features of WordPress Hosting

Fully Managed WordPress:  MilesWeb offers you fully managed WordPress hosting. It means you don’t have to look after the WordPress updates, technical stuff, tweaking PHP versions and monitoring. All this is take care of by their team.

Free WordPress Migration: Don’t want to stay with your current web host? Migrate to MilesWeb without any hassle. Their in-house support team is always ready to migrate your website to their servers. You can migrate at your own time and that too free of charge.

Built for Performance: Since their servers are setup on the latest Intel Xeon processors with SSD storage and hardware RAID 10, they offer faster performance. You won’t be facing big technical issues or frequent downtime when you host with them.

Lifetime Free Domain: You don’t need to check for some other host to buy a domain as they offer you lifetime free domain with their Heart and Diamond plans. Check for the domain availability of your choice and select a .COM domain.

Automatic WordPress Updates: Your WordPress website always remains updated with the backend software. So, there is no need to manually check for the latest versions of plugins and site-specific software as all is done automatically.

Fast SSD Storage: You get SSD drives with all their WordPress hosting plans that offer faster performance. The flash memory technology used by the SSD drives helps it to offer 200% better performance as compared to HDD drives.

Free SSL Security: Every website hosted at MilesWeb server is installed with SSL certificate by default. Thus, SSL not only helps to secure your customers’ sensitive data but also improves the ranking of your website in the search engine.

WordPress Preconfigured: When you buy a WordPress hosting plan from MilesWeb, you don’t need to waste time in configuring WordPress. This is because it comes pre-configured with different themes as well as plugins minimizing your efforts of setting it up.

Fast Provisioning: MilesWeb’s scalable cloud architecture on WordPress hosting is based allows you to launch your new website project just in a few minutes. Moreover, the features such as LiteSpeed server caching, SSD hardware, PHP 7 and HTTP/2 support also help in offering faster speed.

Secure Email: You can create unlimited email accounts with their Heart and Diamond plans. Each of the email address you create comes with IMAP/POP/SMTP support.

Datacenter Choice: You can select any datacenter location as per your target audience. You get to select from UK, US, India, Singapore, Australia and Canada server locations.

Technical Feature of WordPress Hosting

Cloudflare Railgun: Railgun is a WAN technology offers by Cloudflare CDN that improves the performance of non-cached web pages. It helps to connect your server and Cloudflare CDN as fast as possible.

GZIP/Brotli Compression: The gzip compression software in all the WordPress hosting plans helps in improving the delivery time for sites of all sizes. The amount of data sent from your server to visitor’s browser gets reduced and increases your website performance. It also reduces the server load.

SFTP Access: With SFTP, your files get transferred in a secure way between the networked hosts. It also helps in managing the remote file system as it lets the applications to list remote directory content, restart the interrupted file transfers and delete remote files.

WP-CLI: WordPress Command Line (WP-CLI) interface helps to interact with your website. The WP-CLI also supports commands such as wp-profile and wp-doctor.

Dedicated WordPress Support: MilesWeb team is available 24/7 to help you for any issues that occur on your website. You can contact them via email and chat. They will also help you with best practices for your website performance.


Daily Backups: Your website data backup is taken once every 24 hours by their team. Their cloud backup software keeps a track of all changes done on your website and make sure that the complete backup is taken for your website. But they charge additional fee for this feature. You can also restore the data whenever required.

CDN: CDN improves your website’s performance and reach so that your visitors have a great experience on your website. Additionally, thegzip compression is used to reduce the data size, reduce your bandwidth cost, offer high-availability and enable fast page loads.

Cloning: You can create a complete copy of your WordPress website with all the databases, files and settings. Just with a single click you can create a complete copy of your WordPress site. This task can be performed when you are doing some other tasks such as migration, testing a plugin’s functionality, etc.

Server-side Optimizations: Their servers are highly configured so that your WordPress website performs well. Features such as enabling gzip compression, web server caching and setting cache headers also help in minimizing the server load per visitor.

Caching: Your WordPress cache needs to be cleared from time to time for better performance. So, the caching tool helps to clear the cache and discovers the data that loads frequently, keeping it ready to go when the website is browsed.


Apart from this, MilesWeb also offers you 99.95% uptime guarantee and 330 day money back guarantee. So, I don’t think you will get all these significant features with any other hosting provider at such a reasonable cost. Believe me they are the best and the most friendly service provider in the hosting industry.

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